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Last we heard from Aaron Thompson he was playing about 100 dates a year in Stranger's Six. After over six years, Stranger's Six folded in 2009. Members Tommy Garcia and Evan Ehrich went on to form Mrs. Magician. Thompson blazed a different trail, but he’s still using the music chops he learned from singing in Stranger's Six and playing bass in Fenix TX.

For the past three years he’s worked as a porn star. He estimates he makes 200 videos a year using the stage name Small Hands. He estimates there are over 1000 women who actively shoot porn. “But there are, like, 40 men who everyone knows. I guarantee I am the only male porn actor who is tattooed from head to toe.”

Thompson says he is particularly proud of his award-winning work creating soundtracks for videos for Burning Angel, a video production company co-owned by his wife, porn star Joanna Angel.

“When I first started getting into post-production I hated that shitty ’90s wah-wah music. I have a recording studio in my house. I write music based on what the girl looks like or the feeling I get from the footage. It may be rockabilly or sound like Kanye West or Cradle of Filth. I don’t want it to sound like 1993.”

He says he has won three Adult Video News wards and had numerous nominations. (“They are like the Oscars for porn.”)

“I’ve shot in five countries. I shot on a cliff in Spain, in a jungle in Costa Rica, and in a dungeon in San Francisco.... They are like music videos. Some are shot for as little as $5000; some as much as $100,000.”

But Thompson admits the emergence of free internet porn has deflated the porn industry.

“It’s in decline, just like the music industry. But music figured out they had to shift and start relying on merchandise and selling tickets to shows. Porn hasn’t figured out what their version of that is. You can’t walk around the mall with a T-shirt with a [phallus] on it. That’s why I started a whiskey company.”

Thompson and wife were in town last Friday (December 22nd) for a meet-and-greet sampling of his own Doom’s Whiskey at the Waterfront Bar in Little Italy. “We make it in Oklahoma….You can’t download whiskey from the internet.”

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