San Diego’s airport authority looks to squeeze ad revenue from all surface areas.
  • San Diego’s airport authority looks to squeeze ad revenue from all surface areas.
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Get ready for a proliferation of paid plugs at San Diego’s International Airport. “Over the past decade, the Airport’s advertising has been confined to the interior of the passenger terminals and has consisted mainly of backlit wall-mounted displays, and corporate displays,” says a November 14 call by the airport authority for vendors to ramp up its new policy. “The Authority believes that there are many other ways to create interest and enhance revenue through other types of displays and techniques, and by opening the entire Airport to possibilities for advertising, sponsorships, and naming rights.”

Outdoor opportunities include “light pole banners, exterior wall wraps, fiber optic displays, digital image banners, touch screens interactive projection system or optical imaging display cases.” Stuck in airport traffic? Look for forthcoming “poster ads on the sides and rear of parking shuttle buses,” “bus branding,” and “wraps on gate arm parking lot exits,” as well as “advertising on front or back of parking lot tickets.”

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monaghan Dec. 11, 2017 @ 5 p.m.

In our vain business-mogul world, no civic institution is exempt from surrendering its identity for a wad of dough from "benefactors" who wants to see their name in lights.

This week I visited the newly-remodeled and expanded La Jolla YMCA -- an iconic spot for generations of locals since 1964 (jazzercize, kids' swimming lessons, gymnastics, Indian princesses, basketball leagues) -- and the name has entirely disappeared. In its place is "Dan McKinney Family YMCA." Thanks a lot, Dan McKinney. Was that really necessary?

It's not unlike inroads made by mega-philanthropists Joan and Irwin Jacobs on the Copley Symphony Hall or La Jolla Playhouse at UCSD. When is it satisfaction enough just to give money for a good purpose? How hard is it to forego labeling the edifice and elbowing some previous philanthropist out of the way?


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