Approved by the FDA in 2002 and touted as a safe alternative to surgery.
  • Approved by the FDA in 2002 and touted as a safe alternative to surgery.
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An El Cajon woman is one of 73 plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed in San Diego Superior Court against the Bayer Corporation. The major pharmaceutical company is being sued over their permanent contraceptive device, Essure.

The product, approved by the FDA in 2002 and touted as a safe alternative to surgery, is a pair of flexible coils that is placed in the patient's fallopian tubes. The coils generate scar tissue which then block the tubes and prevent pregnancy. However, in recent years thousands of women have complained about adverse side effects including fatigue, loss of hair, bleeding, and dental decay. In some more severe cases the tube migrated from the fallopian tubes and lacerated other organs.

In response to the complaints, as reported in a July 2017 Washington Post article, the Food and Drug Administration suggested that doctors advise patients of Essure's risks.

The response, says a Facebook group named "Essure Problems," was insufficient.

"The [Food and Drug Administration] has failed the women it is supposed to protect when it comes to the Essure device. The [Food and Drug Administration] issued a 'guidance' instead of a mandate, which means that they 'suggested' doctors share the new safety warnings with their patients, however we have the proof that this is not happening."

Now comes a new lawsuit against the Germany-based pharmaceutical company, this one to be heard in a San Diego County courtroom.

The El Cajon resident, Sara Elias, had the Essure device implanted in 2008. According to the complaint, her physician failed to advise her of the dangerous side effects. If they had, she claims she would not have made the decision to undergo the procedure. Instead, soon after having the implant, Elias says she began to suffer from pain in the abdomen and pelvic region. She also experienced abnormal bleeding and cramping. In 2012, physicians removed the coils.

Elias is the only San Diego County resident named in the lawsuit.

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Fbastani Aug. 15, 2017 @ 7:11 p.m.

Dorian... do some research and write an article about CHANTIX too !!! You can see Chantix Ad. in the TV. Chantix is a "Quit Smoking Cessation" which is the product of PFizer Inc.... There have been Hundreds Reports of committing Suicide during and after taking Chantix and various known and unknown neurological, psychological and psycho-neurological injuries.... I have heard that consuming Chantix is going to be banned in Canada... several years ago PFizer settled a $250,000,0000 class lawsuit against Chantix...Unfortunately PFizer is a powerful company and do not let Chantix being removed from the U.S. Market by all means and influence because of the company profits on Chantix... I am one of the victims of Chantix and since 2010, I am dealing with the serious injuries caused by Chantix... This medication has many side effects and many of the horrible side effects are not even warned on its box....People should be aware of all of the horrible side effects of Chantix before taking it....As one of the victims of Chantix, I strongly believe that Chantix is a high risk medication and should be removed from the market....Many of the serious and unknown side effects of Chantix trigger and gradually develop and diagnose after years...I know that some doctors even recommend their patients not to take Chantix, while PFizer advertise it in the Media.


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