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Star bartender stops to talk flair, etc.

"The bendy girl was cool, she was down to earth."

”The bar will always have its place in society — it's that comfortable spot between work and home. Million-dollar deals aren't made over a cup at Starbucks, they happen in bars.” — Star "Flair bartending," ...

Panhandlers pushed back in El Cajon

"I've been lucky here. I don't talk to cops that much."

The City of El Cajon has begun installing street signs discouraging local motorists from giving money to panhandlers. Announced Monday (October 9), the "Real change, not spare change" campaign "encourages the public to contribute in ...

Sunset Cliffs at Voltaire, you dirty thing

No bleach-cleaning for sidewalk on filthy O.B. corner, neighbors at odds

Earlier this year, George Machuca bought the Precision Wireless business located at 4799 ½ Voltaire Street, located between Ocean Beach People’s Market and a liquor store. “When I first bought this business it was just ...

El Cajon to La Jolla in the name of surf

"I avoid Windansea because the water’s very shallow."

Name: Margaret Sporleder Age: 20 From: El Cajon Occupation: Swim instructor and lifeguard Margaret Sporleder takes the 35-minute commute from El Cajon to La Jolla Shores. “The waves there don’t come in at an angle, ...