Trumpbo frees an American job from a foreigner.
  • Trumpbo frees an American job from a foreigner.
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Donald Trump spoke to a sellout crowd at the San Diego Convention Center yesterday, telling Republican supporters that he is the only choice for a country on the verge of disintegration.

Trump: “In the ‘80s, heroic Special Forces veteran John Rambo fought to bring home American prisoners who had been abandoned by the Powers That Be — mostly Democrats, but also some cowardly Republicans. But now it’s a new era, and it’s not just soldiers who need rescuing, it’s our whole way of life, starting with our economy. It’s going to take more than a soldier to save us now, no matter how skilled. It’s going to take a President. It’s going to take…me.”

“Entropy is the law of the universe, my fellow Americans. As the poet William Butler Yeats put it in his great work, ‘The Second Coming,’ ‘Things fall apart; the center cannot hold.’

"The Great American Experiment cannot succeed as the Great World Experiment, because the world does not share our ideals. Also, there’s just not enough stuff to go around for everyone to do things the way we do. But I digress.

"If we do not have clear borders, if we do not give our first attention to our own people, if we continue to spend our resources on those who fear, resent, or mock us, then we are not a nation. My campaign to Make America Great Again is a rescue mission, not unlike the mission conducted by super soldier John Rambo. And like Rambo, I will do whatever it takes. Because as Rambo so memorably put it, 'Fuck the world!’"

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CaptainObvious May 30, 2016 @ 8:23 a.m.

You got paid for this? I suppose Hillary will bring honesty to the White House too.


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