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Intergalactic Brewing adds space

...and a couple of medals to its expanding universe

Miramar beer company Intergalactic Brewing has had an eventful month. Fresh off winning ten medals at the Los Angeles International Beer Competition, it's picked up another two at the San Diego International Beer Festival. In ...

Junior Seau's doctor-buddy could lose license

Medical board files accusations against David Chao (again)

Former Chargers physician and close friend of the late Junior Seau, David Jee Wei Chao, M.D., is in trouble with the Medical Board of California once again. An accusation was filed against him April 27. ...

City Attorney Goldsmith admits problematic desire for more “hardcore” targets

Gateway drug busts?

UNDER THE PACIFIC HIGHWAY OVERPASS, OUTSKIRTS OF LITTLE ITALY — For several years, city attorney Jan Goldsmith contented himself with standard, low-level prosecution of the city’s medical marijuana dispensaries, which exist in a kind of ...

Gregory Porter returns to San Diego

...and other jazz happenings around San Diego May 3–8

Tuesday 3 The Bonny Wellington Trio with Matt Smith and Ben Wanicur host the monthly jam session at 3rd Space (4610 Park Boulevard) at 8 p.m. for a $5 cover. Wednesday 4 Gilbert Castellanos begins ...

Where have the sand crabs gone?

Population drastically declining

Inshore: With a bump on top and a bit of a breeze most of the week, the ½- and ¾-day boats stayed a bit closer to home. There are good yellowtail marks all over La ...

Botanical Garden — heck, Balboa Park itself— in desperate need

100 years later, that crumbling sound is getting louder

The Botanical Building in Balboa Park is one the largest lathe structures in the world, according to David Lundin, cofounder of the Balboa Park Heritage Association. The association was formed in 2014 to help create ...

Animal friends, domesticated

The cost of dogs, life with cats, poodles are not dogs, what chickens teach, D., the duck, secretive cockfighting in North County

Love Bites Sam and I drive back to the dog room in El Cajon. By now, Sam has racked up a total bill (vets, food, clothes, general destruction, trainer, vaccination shots, equipment) in excess of ...

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