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Low numbers at the beach make for roomy Memorial Day weekend in the sand

Lowest attendance in a decade

There were 220,100 beachgoers at City of San Diego beaches over Memorial Day weekend. Over the three days, San Diego lifeguards performed 77 water rescues, 104 medical aids and 2,654 preventative acts. Overcast skies and ...

The most regulated industry in the United States

Whoever said the economy ran like a well-oiled machine never studied the spirits industry

Thanks to recent changes in state law, the California Spirits Company will officially open its San Marcos tasting room to the public on June 9. While owner and distiller Casey Miles embraces the opportunity to ...

Unrest, onstage and off

Woody Guthrie's American Song at Intrepid Theatre

Blocks from the Horton Grand Theatre, home of Intrepid Theatre’s production of Woody Guthrie’s American Song, police in riot gear formed a blockade outside another Donald Trump rally. Protesters burned Trump hats. Supporters hurled insults ...

Mozart and Beethoven: The adolescents

Early pieces of music by titans is good stuff

Have you ever wished you could meet someone before they became the person you know and love? Maybe wish you could meet one of your parents when they were an adolescent or perhaps experience your ...

Majestic bias

Tokyo Fish Story at Old Globe Theatre

For 35 years, from morning to midnight, Koji has prepared sushi on a “dingy side-street ” in Tokyo. His may have been “the best in a generation,” in fact, and he’s done it without throwing ...

Rent control protest in O.B.

"The people we're targeting are really unscrupulous."

A group of activists seeking a rent-control ordinance and other tenant-protection measures gathered in Ocean Beach on Saturday (June 4), circulating a petition they hope will convince the city council to open a dialogue concerning ...

Four kinds of pretzel

California Tap Room has snack food for North Park’s beer scene

There’s a new shop in North Park called California Tap Room, and it makes excellent use of water, yeast, and grain. But maybe not the way you’d expect. This tap room isn’t specifically in the ...

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