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Cowboy business opens in Temecula

Vail Ranch gets to work after being saved from demolition

A cluster of buildings in Temecula from the mid-1800s that once served cowboys, cooks, kids, and travelers, is useful again after nearly 20 years of planning by a restoration association that won a settlement in ...

Medical life

Nurses, med students, paramedics, and interns

What the Ghost in White Shoes Knows Burnt-out nurses seek revenge. Burnt-out nurses move slowly and resentfully through the hospital halls when a patient’s call light flickers on. Perhaps the patient’s IV bag has run ...

Slain officer's vigil includes policing critique

"Grave need" to bridge the animosity gap, says activist leader

A group of activists gathered in Southcrest on Friday afternoon (July 29), site of a shooting that left one San Diego police officer dead and another wounded on Thursday night during a traffic stop. The ...

Savages turn Observatory into a cauldron of punk-metal

British band riding a mighty, high wave behind this year's Adore Life

What to say about Savages…these are some badass ladies. The English quartet is known for their fierce and eerie delivery. Atmospheric guitar feedback, constant rumbling of bass and drums, topped off by Jehnny Beth’s maniacal ...

Creatin' "Ain't Misbehavin'"

Song of the rabbit and the duck

“I don’t stay out late/ Don’t care to go I’m home about eight/ Just me and my radio/ Ain’t misbehavin’ I’m savin’ my love for you.” The singer of Fats Waller and Andy Razef’s classic ...

"Homelessness is not an American problem. It’s an un-American problem.”

No hobo

Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump was in town — well, Rancho Santa Fe — for a fundraiser on July 12, which happened to be the same day that the San Diego Police Department released Anthony ...