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A fan of magnetohydrodynamics, you say?

Scientifically riveting

The Hunt for Red October Genuine science can appear in the most unexpected places. In The Hunt for Red October (USA, 1990, Paramount Pictures) I was thrilled to see the eponymous sub ran on magnetohydrodynamics ...

Plane down in La Jolla Cove? What plane?

December's emergency calls — or lack thereof

December 18 10:40 Swimmer: Sunset Cliffs Call Box Call, check the welfare on a surfer possibly tired and cold at Osprey. Lifeguard, Jet unit and a lifeguard rescue vessel respond, surfer clear lifeguards clear. 14:38 ...

South Park gets a sweet pink food truck

The donuts are fried when ordered

A new food truck has been setting up in the Target parking lot off Grape Street in South Park. The pink Dharma Dogs truck parks a few feet away from the fish taco Mariscos Nine ...

San Diego in the late 1800s

Kate Sessions, Ah Quin, love letters, first schools, horse rustlers, trash in Mission Hills, San Diego’s boy mayor

This is a Test Sketch briefly the condition of the country at the close of the Revolutionary War until the inauguration of Washington. 2. What officers constitute the cabinet of the President? Sketch the history ...

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