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The hits often direct, the misses by a mile

Free Speech (While Supplies Last) at La Jolla Playhouse

According to Second City’s Free Speech, there’s a store in Brooklyn called Bang. It’s an Artisanal Firearms Boutique. They make shopping for munitions a New Age experience. They do criminal background and past-lives regression checks, ...

Nadia Boulanger: The great woman

Nadia Boulanger exerted a lasting influence upon classical music

The next entry in our women in music thread is Nadia Boulanger. Boulanger was one of the most influential musicians of the 20th Century but her main contribution was as a teacher as opposed to ...

Chargers stadium destiny and Dick Cheney's daughters

Koch-tied GOP politicos revealed as key to San Diego's NFL ballot battle

What with La Jolla Democratic billionaire Irwin Jacobs's revived Balboa Park bulldozing project, and the battle between Republican city councilman Chris Cate and GOP ex-mayor Jerry Sanders over a hotel-tax hike to finance a Chargers ...

California homes less likely to sink in sea

Florida most at risk from rising ocean levels

If the consensus of climate scientists is correct, almost two million United States homes will be underwater by the year 2100, according to (This is actually underwater, not financially underwater.) Only 0.4 percent of ...

Wine and dine minus the swine

Israeli-cuisine documentary highlights Jewish Film Festival kickoff

T-minus six months and counting before the 27th Annual San Diego Jewish Film Festival comes to town, but there’s no time like the present to start the fundraising matzo ball rolling. SDJFF launches its Underwriter ...

Europeans and Asians eat mackerel and bonito

Americans have a narrow definition of what constitutes fine table fare

Fun Fact Number One: University Heights seafood counter Beerfish couldn’t get because some obscure rod and tackle outfit with the tagline “Worse for wear and overpriced” has it locked down. Fun Fact Number Two: ...

Sgt. Yu and yoga to occupy O.B.

The plan to make transient gangs move on

Over the years, Ocean Beach has earned a reputation as a panhandlers' paradise, with aggressive groups of travelers and homeless taking over the beaches, seawall, and parks that used to be frequented by locals and ...

Rage against Trans-Pacific Partnership and Scott Peters

Protesters say trade bill is "going to be NAFTA on steroids"

A handful of activists gathered outside the La Jolla offices of Representative Scott Peters on Monday morning (August 1), flying a 25-foot inflatable blimp and demonstrating their disapproval of Peters's stance in support of the ...

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