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Sugar snap peas appear early

Also: Kohlrabi leaves make a decent substitute for kale

Stehly Farms Organics is currently selling some golden nugget tangerines at their shops and, for a limited time, cara cara naval oranges, known for their seedless red flesh and sweet tang. Large, buttery Reed avocados ...

Prokofiev 5

The next member of the Playlist No. 5

We’re running out of symphony No. 5’s for our playlist. The progression of 5’s had been Beethoven 5, Mahler 5, Tchaikovsky 5, Sibelius 5, Bruckner 5, Shostakovich 5, and now Prokofiev 5. These are all ...

Real estate moguls stand their ground

Raided, picketed, and accused, the Schaumburgs' court date is set

The real estate moguls of Imperial Beach who were accused of involvement with financial irregularities in 2014 have pleaded not guilty to multiple charges of grand theft and embezzlement in San Diego criminal court. Cheryl ...

San Diego tops for costly Secret Service agents

Low white-collar prosecution rates mean less work for investigators here, audit finds

Are U.S. Secret Service agents living too high on the hog in San Diego? That's one of the findings suggested by a newly released audit of the presidential protection and financial crime investigative agency by ...

It's 311, so why not?

Same old, same old for 30-year-old alt-rock band

For the diehard 311 fans who crammed into the House of Blues for a rare small-venue performance, the band’s extensive merch offerings were a treasure trove of brand-new items ranging from $100 posters to T-shirts ...

Covert mountain-bike trail building at Miramar

"We are not a playground. We train here. We live here. We are buried here."

The mountain-bike trail behind Miramar National Cemetery at the west end of the Miramar Marine Corps Air Station was crafted with care and skill. It had a bridge over a low point and has drainage ...

USD’s secret

La Gran Terraza, a nook of affordable luxury

“People lined up around the block!” states one exuberant diner, his orotund voice booming with joyous, blustery, academic indifference. “They’ve never had voter turnout like that before,” he adds, closing his assessment of Bernie Sanders’ ...

Devil's charms

Coastgaard's Devil on the Balcony surfs the retro wave

Though Brooklyn-based indie rockers Coastgaard build their music on a foundation of surf rock, their approach is some distance from that of surf revivalists like Los Straitjackets. There's an upbeat, playful aesthetic at work on ...

Trump University plaintiff wants out

"[Plaintiff] lived with the stress of potential ruin," says her filing.

A scheduled hearing in the federal court of Gonzalo P. Curiel today (March 11) may tell more about presidential contender Donald Trump than many of the charges being thrown around by his Republican opponents. Tarla ...

Hard out here for a gimp

Wheelchair Sports Camp's handicapable MC rolls hard over social injustice

Themes of racist, classist, and sexist oppression have been central to hip-hop since its conception, but MC Kalyn Heffernan of Denver-based outfit Wheelchair Sports Camp rolls it out even further. “I grew up in kind ...

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