Content for Saturday, May 16, 2015

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More bikeways or more highways?

SANDAG's new regional transit plan has its critics

The San Diego Association of Governments began a series of workshops this week to roll out its new, revised regional transit plan, dubbed San Diego Forward. The previous plan was scrapped following lawsuits from environmental ...

Interim dog park will do

Gloria says yea, Faulconer has final say on Normal Heights park funding

Normal Heights has been waiting for an off-leash dog park for ten years, and it looks like this year it might get it. Sort of. After holding a dog-park rally in February, collecting 1200 signatures ...

A letter to U-T San Diego readers from outgoing publisher Papa Doug "Who's Your Daddy?" Manchester

Dear Reader(s - I mean, there could be more than one of you, but really, these days, who knows?): I've just finished reading the letter to you people from incoming publisher Austin Beutner, and now ...