A judge ordered news media to not show the face of defendant Jack Doshay on April 9, 2015.
  • A judge ordered news media to not show the face of defendant Jack Doshay on April 9, 2015.
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An attorney for Glenn and Karen Doshay is asking a judge to order return of certain items that were seized by deputies while investigating their son as a suspect in a kidnapping case. The property was taken from their person, their residence, and their vehicles on March 27, according to attorney James Pokorny.

Pokorny wants return of four computers and two computer towers, a USB memory card, and two cell phones; he claims these are all property of Mr. and Mrs. Doshay. The attorney claimed that the listed property has no evidentiary value and is irrelevant to the investigation. Pokorny complained that the Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory wants to hold the items until the conclusion of the case.

(A copy of a search warrant found in the court file also listed other items seized. These included: brass knuckles, five baseball jerseys, three pairs of tennis shoes, and one hat.)

The couple’s son, Jack Henry Doshay, 22, previously lived with his parents in their home at 6279 Via Campo Verde in Rancho Santa Fe, located in San Diego County, according to attorney Pokorny.

Jack Henry Doshay was arrested on April 1. A prosecutor alleged that Jack Doshay attempted to take a 7-year-old girl from an elementary school in Solana Beach the afternoon of March 23, 2015. Jack Doshay was held without bail for more than a week, and then on April 11 a bond of $2.5 million was secured and defendant Doshay was purportedly transferred from jail to a locked-down psychiatric facility.

The father of the criminal defendant, Glenn Doshay, made statements filed in superior court on May 8.

Glenn Doshay explained the need for return of his property. “The iPads that my wife and I keep beside our bed in our room are used to play music or as remote controls.

“I also teach high school AP Economics to 11th and 12th graders and keep all the exercises, tests, and other teaching materials on these items. The removal of these items from my house and home office has caused a massive disruption in my ability to do my work and conduct very important business.

“The black iPad is a tool that I use to monitor markets. It contains securities lists that are next to impossible to duplicate.

“There is also a pending dispute with a lender (CB&T) regarding a loan of $10M, which is being handled by counsel and all my documents relating to that transaction and dispute are also on the computers.” Attorney Pokorny is reportedly handling that matter.

Pokorny gave details of why the court should order release of the requested items. “The black iPhone, Apple computer, Memory card, and the Apple tower are used by Mr. Doshay and his assistant Andrea Pierson in connection with his business matters, are irrelevant to the defendant, and the absence of these items is disruptive to Mr. Doshay conducting his business.

“Andrea Pierson is his personal assistant and coordinates his business matters such as being the intermediary for setting meetings, obtaining documents, coordinating business matters, etc.”

And, “Mrs. Doshay manages the family foundation, called the Serenity Fund, and actively participates in the Circle of Angels charity. She is dependent upon the Apple computer and the white iPhone for her work.”

Pokorny complained that it has been more than five weeks since the items were seized and it is an “extreme and undue burden on Mr. and Mrs. Doshay…”

Pokorny suggested that investigators “have had more than enough time to completely copy all of the files on these devices” and therefore there is no need to continue to hold them.

At the most recent court hearing in the criminal case, prosecutor Ryan Saunders gave to defense copies of three video-recorded interviews with the alleged 7-year-old kidnapping victim. The girl was questioned on March 24, April 7, and April 30, according to documents. The next hearing for Jack Doshay on the criminal case is June 24.

Attorneys’ arguments regarding return of the Doshays’ property will be heard on June 5, at 1:30, in San Diego’s North County Superior Court.

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Visduh May 13, 2015 @ 8:50 p.m.

We can suppose that their asking for their "stuff" to be returned is fairly routine in a case like this one. The claim that “The black iPad is a tool that I use to monitor markets. It contains securities lists that are next to impossible to duplicate" sounds over-the-top to me. Some years ago it might have been a valid claim. But now, no, it doesn't compute.

This case has some big potential to turn into a huge scandal for the family and for a bunch of "associates" of the family who have turned a blind eye at the kid's actions. They'll pull out all the stops and tricks of the legal profession to sweep this into a corner. But in this case, that may be impossible, given the aggravated nature of the attempted abduction, and all the planning that went into it. (Wackos can't plan and don't commit crimes in such a sophisticated way.)

This family has a uphill battle to keep their little boy out of prison. He could be looking at many years of nasty incarceration. I'm going to follow this case closely.


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