A judge ordered news media to not show the face of defendant Jack Doshay on April 9, 2015.
  • A judge ordered news media to not show the face of defendant Jack Doshay on April 9, 2015.
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Jack Henry Doshay, 22, is accused of kidnapping a child at a Solana Beach elementary school two weeks ago.

“The sheriff’s crime lab was able to confirm that the defendant’s DNA was in fact on the tape that was removed from the little girl’s face,” a prosecutor said in court on April 9, 2015.

“On March 23, 2015, at approximately 3:15 p.m., the defendant dressed as a baseball player or a coach, he walked onto the Skyline Elementary School property, right as school was letting out and as the children were leaving the campus,” according to prosecutor Ryan Saunders. “He approached a seven-year old girl who was walking by herself; he tricked her by asking her for help.”

Ryan Saunders

Ryan Saunders

The prosecutor said the stranger told the girl to do what he said if she wanted to see her mom again.

“He then moved her from a rather public area of the school towards a more secluded area, against her will,” according to Saunders. This amount of forced movement might technically suffice for the charge of kidnapping, a charge which Doshay denies.

Saunders claimed that Doshay wrapped “clear packing tape” around the child’s mouth, face, and head. “This courageous little girl was able to break free from the defendant. She ran away and screamed for help.”

It was a busy Monday afternoon, during parent–teacher conferences at the school, and adults rushed to the girl’s aid. They removed tape from the child’s face and head, the prosecutor told a judge.

Witnesses saw the assailant run away and then drive off in a black Ford Flex, the prosecutor said; he claimed the vehicle is owned by Doshay’s family.

The alleged victim and one adult witness were able to identify Jack Doshay from a selection of six photos, according to the prosecutor.

Saunders claimed that after the incident, Doshay’s father, Glenn (who owns a part of the Padres baseball team), contacted a third party and said his son was a suspect “and he has done something like this before.” Investigators have not been able to confirm there was another incident because “currently the father is not cooperating with law enforcement,” according to the prosecutor, who also claimed that Doshay’s family tried to prevent that third party from contacting law enforcement.

Paul Pfingst

Paul Pfingst

Defense attorney Paul Pfingst said the prosecutor “egregiously misrepresented” statements made by Doshay’s family.

Attorneys faced off in court to argue the custody status of Doshay, who has been held more than a week without bail.

Prosecutor Saunders described Doshay as an “extreme flight risk” with ties to “many states.” Doshay was born in New York and has family on the East Coast, plus the young man has lived in Washington and Wisconsin while going to schools there, Saunders said. The accused has also traveled to Japan, Norway, and New Zealand in recent years, according to the prosecutor.

“And his family seems to have access to extreme wealth,” the prosecutor told a judge when he asked for bail to be set at $25 million dollars.

Pfingst argued that his client was not a flight risk, saying, “He has done nothing to flee.” The suspect was found nine days after the alleged incident, on April 1, in Orange County, in a home widely characterized as a treatment facility.

The San Diego County sheriff’s department issued a statement saying they had received approximately 150 calls and tips after the incident, and it was attorney Paul Pfingst who directed them to the location of their prime suspect.

William Gentry Jr.

William Gentry Jr.

“My client has a long history of depression, severe depression,” said Pfingst. He asked for bail to be set at $1 million and stated that Doshay should be transported to a “psychiatric facility.”

Judge William Gentry Jr. set bail at $2.5 million. The judge ordered that if Doshay made bail he would have to wear a GPS monitor, surrender his passport to the court, and be transported by a third party to a locked-down psychiatric facility. Also, he would be subject to search without warrant or cause.

Doshay, 22, pleads not guilty to three charges: kidnapping of a child, false imprisonment, and felony child abuse. He is next due in court on May 6.

Judge Gentry ordered news media to hide the face of the defendant because of identification issues in future hearings.

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Visduh April 12, 2015 @ 7:26 a.m.

This case will test some notions about equal justice. The family fortune and connections will be rolled out to keep this punk out of prison. "Perfidious Pfaulie" is already setting the stage for an insanity defense, although that would likely send the client to a mental hospital for a long time. But keeping him out of prison, especially in light of the way child abusers are treated by other cons, is the big priority now. Let's see if P can pull the rabbit out of the hat again.

Good signs are that the judge is taking a hard nosed approach to this case. He's not going to give Pfingsto any grounds for appeal that can be reasonably avoided. I think that this case could go very differently than the Julie Harper fiasco (which has yet to play out fully.)

The accusations of witness tampering could make this a much bigger deal than it is so far. Obstruction of justice is not something judges tolerate at all, and if there is some substance to that, Dad or Mom might also need a good criminal defense attorney. We'll never see either of them perp-walked into court, though. The P will end up billing the family a cool million bucks for this piece of work. Just keep in mind that the young dude is in deep, serious doo-doo.


Wabbitsd April 13, 2015 @ 12:40 p.m.

Both parents sound like scumbags who have enabled this guy and think they can buy their way out. Disgraceful.


reader99 April 13, 2015 @ 5 p.m.

Why not just encourage the neighbors who live in his high risk area and the parents of the abducted school girl to file a Civil Suit after they get all their free discovery from the criminal case. The Fairbanks neighbors were at risk and of course the young girl was damaged for life because the parents held back on information they knew four years earlier. Seems there may be argument for a Civil Suit if the father and mother knew of this behavior well in advance of the kidnapping and not only did nothing about it but tampered with evidence

The parents knew of the pattern of short circuited wiring in Jack Doshay . Do we need a Jeffrey Dahmer incident before we do something when their is a mental issue and a wealthy parent protecting his son?

Jack Doshay has done this before with a young girl at Fairbanks School down the street from his house(see Rancho Santa Fe News). I assume this is why the parents shipped him out of the Fairbanks Ranch area

A Civil path may go further than a Criminal route


Visduh April 13, 2015 @ 8:17 p.m.

You seem to know more about this prior incident than has been reported elsewhere. Four years ago, huh? Can you provide any links to the coverage of that incident? We would all like to know about it, and that might keep the DA's feet to the fire and insure proper prosecution is done. Without more than we've heard so far, "PP" might be able to get him off.


Eva Knott April 21, 2015 @ 6:52 p.m.

One day after the bail hearing, Doshay’s passport was surrendered and is now stored in the criminal vault of the business office in San Diego’s North County Superior Courthouse. The next day, on April 11, a bond guaranteeing $2.5 million bail was secured from ALL HOURS BAIL BONDS, after a premium of $200,000 was paid; this according to documents in the criminal file for Jack Henry Doshay.


Eva Knott May 6, 2015 @ 10:58 a.m.

At a very brief hearing this morning, which lasted perhaps two minutes, defendant Jack Doshay appeared in order to waive his right to speedy justice. His next court hearing was set for June 24, 2015. Prosecutor Ryan Saunders took the opportunity to hand over certain items of “discovery” to defense attorney Paul Pfingst, these items were described as DVDs of interviews, plus paperwork. The deputy district attorney also stated on the record that he had not yet received results from a computer forensics lab, nor additional DNA testing from another lab.


jnojr May 6, 2015 @ 12:22 p.m.

Bail is to ensure appearance at trial, not to start the punishment before that pesky waste of time known as a trial.

It sure looks like this guy is a Grade A piece of garbage, and if he did this I sincerely hope he winds up locked away for life. But there are always people calling for the noose without bothering with the gavel, and I wonder how they'd feel if they'd been arrested for a heinous crime, and everyone else just knew they were guilty (because, after all, who gets arrested for child molestation except for child molesters, or rape except for rapists, or DUI except for dangerous drunks?), and everyone else was howling for them to be locked away right then and there, and that any defense they presented was instantly assumed to be lies and nonsense that just prove what sociopaths they are? Why would you need a scumbag defense attorney unless you're a scumbag criminal who's obviously guilty?


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