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A newly minted dark-money group opposed to the nuclear treaty with Iran worked out by president Barack Obama has opened its campaign with a national barrage of television commercials, including a hefty buy in San Diego.


Anti-treaty with Iran ad

Calling itself "Citizens for a Nuclear Free Iran," and said to be closely tied to the nation's pro-Israel lobby, the organization is reported to be running the spots in at least 18 states, according to

The group was incorporated June 11 in Washington DC and has a five-member advisory board that includes four former Democratic senators — Joe Lieberman, Evan Bayh, Mark Begich, and Mary Landrieu — and ex-Democratic House member Shelley Berkley.

"We need to reject this deal and demand a better one — an agreement that dismantles Iran’s nuclear infrastructure," Lieberman says on the website.

The Washington-based contact of the nonprofit is listed on local television purchase disclosures as Patrick Dorton, a former special assistant to president Bill Clinton and ex-communications director for the White House National Economic Council, according to his online profile.

He has also done work for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, also known as AIPAC, which styles itself as "America's pro-Israel lobby."

Dorton is a partner at Rational 360, a "full service strategic communications" firm, according to the company’s website.

A Wall Street Journal account says AIPAC is helping to fund the current TV campaign.

So far, two San Diego television stations have sold time to the effort, according to filings with the Federal Communications Commission.

A July 16 contract with NBC-owned KNSD shows that the station charged a gross amount of $39,625 for 73 30-second spots.

Michael McKinnon and his wife

KUSI-TV, owned by local media scion Michael McKinnon, sold 51 spots, for a gross of $18,700.

In response to the national commercial volley, reports the Wall Street Journal, J Street, a liberal pro-Israel group based in Washington, is launching its own TV spots in favor of the Iran deal.

“We strongly believe that Congress should not block this deal because to do so would be an error of historic proportions, paving the way once more for Iran to resume its nuclear program with no international restraints whatsoever,” said a J Street statement.

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Ponzi July 17, 2015 @ 3:41 p.m.

Add another local station, CBS 8 KFBM TV is running them.

I wonder when "Citizens for a Nuclear Free Israel" will start their campaign.


CaptD July 18, 2015 @ 1:06 p.m.

I propose having the President direct that the Government shift all the money we would have spent on an Iran War PLUS all the Gov’t. guaranteed funds slated for new Nuclear Power generation and/or Nuclear Power R&D (notice I’m not including Nuclear Weapon R&D) to:

1) Triple current Solar R&D (including tidal and ocean current generation) because the spinoffs will more than pay US back in the future, since the USA can then export new Solar Technology instead of just weapon systems.

2) Begin a National “Man on the Moon” type SOLAR effort by installing BOTH Residential and Utility Solar funded in the same way and at the same ultra low interest rates that the Big Banks are currently enjoying to replace as much of our “dirty” generation as soon as possible, while upgrading the US Grid at the same time.

I understand that it will not happen overnight, but the important thing is that IT WILL HAPPEN and if President Obama cannot get this project started during his term, then I look to Bernie Sanders to make it a top priority!

It is vital that we as a Country Say N☢ to using Nuclear in WAR or in Peace!

p.s. I saw this quote on Tweeter and it gives credibility to what I'm saying:


A $1 trillion investment in infrastructure could create 13 million decent paying jobs. We need to invest in infrastructure, not more war.

Now just imagine how an even larger National Effort could Jump Start our sagging Economy!

Parts of the above were posted here:


danfogel July 18, 2015 @ 2:09 p.m.

captd/founder At some point you must face the reality that no one is going to give your a residential solar PV system for little or nothing. As you have stated on the Reader several times, you refuse to buy a system until the utility pays you the same raTE for the electricity that you would return to the grid as they charge for it. That will never happen. If you want a system, you're going to have to pay for it yourself. BTW, except for a very few specific exceptions, POTUS can't simply "redirect" funds already budgeted. They have to be allocated by Congress On several occasions POTUS has proposed infrastructure programs, most recently in 2013 I believe and COTUS would have none of it. BTW2 POTUS's proposed FY 2016 budget is $4.1 trillion. So you are proposing the equivalent of 25 percent of the budget being "shifted". That isn't going to happen with this COTUS or any other. Here is the budget. Why don't you download it and tell us exactly where that trillion dollars is going to come from:


Ponzi July 18, 2015 @ 8:01 p.m.

Actually, thousands of people are enjoying free PV solar systems. There are many programs for low-income families to apply for and get a free (or very low cost...$9.00 a month for monitoring) system installed on the roof of their home.

I have personally volunteered at GRID Alternatives; built the rail systems on the ground, climbed up on the roofs and installed the solar modules and micro-inverters, ran the electrical cables and connected the arrays to the electrical meter buss. I volunteered at San Pasqual Band of Mission Indians - Valley View Casino, and at the homes of low income families in Emerald Hills, San Ysidro, Lemon Grove and Oak Park. These families do not have to pay anything for the systems that were installed. Just supply a hosted lunch and refreshments to the volunteers during the two days of the install.

"All of GRID Alternatives' programs point to the same triple bottom line: People, Planet, Employment. We work in communities across the United States and in Nicaragua to make solar power and solar jobs accessible to those that need them most."

GRID Alternatives is America’s largest non-profit solar installer bringing clean energy technology and job training to low-income families and underserved communities through a network of community partners, volunteers, and philanthropic supporters. GRID has installed 5,400 rooftop solar systems with a combined installed capacity of 18.5MW, saving $136 million in lifetime electricity costs, preventing 426,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, and providing over 21,000 people with solar training. GRID has ten regional offices and affiliates serving California, Colorado, the Mid-Atlantic and New York tri-state regions, and Tribal communities nationwide. For more information, visit


monaghan July 19, 2015 @ 3:49 p.m.

Back to the subject of this excellent story. (I just saw one of these ads late-night on CBS' KFMB/Channel 8. We leave it to Matt Potter to tell us how much money that local station is making off this exercise in the not-so-free marketplace of war-mongering ideas.)

Please note that Patrick Dorton, the operative running this disgraceful push-back against Obama's Iran deal, is a guy who worked for Bill Clinton and AIPAC, the pro-Israel lobby. This is the same group that pays for luxurious junkets to Israel for San Diego's Democratic congressional delegation -- Susan Davis, Scott Peters, Juan Vargas, for sure. I don't know about the GOP contingent.

We wouldn't want to support diplomacy over military action in distant foreign lands. We need to put up a big-money fight against the possibility of peace breaking out. Investing in repairing national roads, bridges, parks and public buildings using American workers instead of paying dearly "in blood and treasure" for the war machine we've got? Fixing public education? Funding the National Institutes of Health? Forget about it.


AlexClarke July 20, 2015 @ 7:11 a.m.

In spite of all the BS there is this deal or no deal. Any negotiated settlement is never a good deal as both sides get some of what they want and some of what they don't want. This deal is not just us (US) vs. them it involves other countries. Only time will tell if this deal works or not. The Republicans seem to want no deal unless it is their deal. If Obama was not a Democrat and not Black but an old white man (or woman) then this deal would have been the greatest thing since sliced bread.


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