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Move along, people...just a retirement party

Strong motorcycle cop presence in Encinitas

In the early afternoon on January 8, 25 clean and shiny San Diego police motorcycles parked in formation in front of La Paloma Theatre and the D Street Bar & Grill. Those passing by on ...

Inconsistent beauty at Rama

Attractive setting and a standout dish doesn't justify Gaslamp upcharge

I love Thai food almost as much as I love Mexican, but both cuisines suffer from the same problem: It’s really good and (often) really cheap, which makes it hard to justify shelling out more ...

Butterfly reborn

Learning about Japanese tradition recreates the Butterfly experience.

My leisure reading of late has been all about Japan. I'm not sure why I've been reading the bestsellers of the past such as Memoirs of a Geisha and Shogun but they have both made ...

Kennedy assassin to remain in San Diego

Donovan state prison inmate Sirhan Sirhan loses round in federal court

One of San Diego's most notorious inmates will remain behind the walls of the state's Donovan Correctional Facility here following a federal judge's ruling that evidence of a possible conspiracy does not absolve Sirhan Bishara ...

The people must be heard every day

Former councilman Ralph Inzunza didn't like public comment on Mondays

San Diego residents will soon be given an opportunity to speak on non-agenda issues at every city-council hearing, as California's open-meeting law intended. During a January 13 hearing, city councilmembers are expected to approve adding ...

A most excellent bass

Apparently, there is still a lot of water in the 64-66 degree range up there, the warmest being on the 432 spot due south of Tanner and west of the Mushroom. Predicted light winds and ...

Happy 100th "beer"thday, Balboa Park

Local brewers celebrate iconic centennial with 100-IBU IPA

The 100th anniversary of Balboa Park is a pretty cool thing. You know what would make it even cooler? A beer brewed to commemorate that milestone. But not just any beer. How about a San ...

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