Douglas F. Manchester (with Douglas W. Manchester, right) couldn’t have bought better press from the La Jolla Light.
  • Douglas F. Manchester (with Douglas W. Manchester, right) couldn’t have bought better press from the La Jolla Light.
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The La Jolla Light, owned by mega-millionaire Douglas F. Manchester, is out with a glowing filial profile of the U-T publisher and the hotel he is building in Austin, Texas.

“For Manchester, the venture is close to home,” notes the piece. “His son, Douglas W. Manchester, president of Manchester Texas Financial Group, is overseeing all aspects of the development and this is the first major collaboration between father and son.” Recalls the elder Manchester: “When Douglas found the empty lot, we decided that we would try to emulate what we did here in San Diego with our experience in developing a convention center hotel.”

Concludes the story, which doesn’t get around to mentioning Manchester’s relationship with the Light: “Douglas W. Manchester commented that he couldn’t ask for a better mentor, business partner and best friend in his father, who has shared with him his invaluable lessons in real estate development.”

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monaghan Feb. 25, 2015 @ 10:26 p.m.

Aren't lessons in real estate development what everyone thinks of when they think of their dear old dad?


AlexClarke Feb. 26, 2015 @ 6:21 a.m.

It astounds me that Manchester and his ilk rely on the stupid taxpayer to support his low wage no benefit employees. There are many who believe that hotel workers are not worth paying a living wage to as they do not provide any value to the business. The very people who need employer paid benefits have to rely on taxpayer funded welfare programs while Manchester is allowed to write off what little he pays. If these low wage no benefit workers have no value then you don't need them. Clean your own room, park your own car, carry your own bags, change your own bed, etc. The daily rate charged at His Nibbs hotels should allow for the hardest workers to be paid decent wages and benefits and not supported by the taxpayer.


Visduh Feb. 26, 2015 @ 9:24 a.m.

I'd forgotten that Dougie had bought up those community papers. Wasn't he going to integrate them with the UT, or redo their approach? After the purchase, we heard/saw nothing about them. But having a piece like that in a paper he owns is really something to consider. Even in the old days, when the Union or Tribune or U-T ran something on Helen or David Copley, they would mention the connection. The more we see of Dougo, the worse he comes off.


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