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History of San Diego

Lester Bangs, Vince Miranda, San Diego 100 years ago, race in 19th century San Diego, shooting of Some Like It Hot, San Diego drive-in theaters

My Highschool Days With Lester Bangs When Lester Bangs moved to Detroit to join the staff of Creem magazine, we kept in touch with letters and phone calls that came less and less often. The ...

Spy vs. Spy?

Department of Homeland Security’s surveillance of private emails credited with discovery of Border Patrol agent’s hidden camera voyeurism

Last week, former Border Patrol agent Armando Gonzalez was sentenced to 21 months in federal prison for planting a hidden camera in the women’s restroom at a Chula Vista Border Patrol facility. The camera, which ...

The ultimate hangover cure

Beef pho, 24 ways

I don’t often suffer from hangovers — as a pro, I know how to pace myself. But every once in a while a night gets away from me, and I imbibe more booze than water, ...

Mark Twain speaks again in St. Louis

"It is extortion, but they are in a position to demand it."

St. Louis's aldermen voted yesterday (December 18) by 17-10 to build a billion-dollar-plus stadium to keep the Rams in the city. But the football team's owner, Stan Kroenke, has never shown any interest in keeping ...

More MP3s Please: local song reviews

New tunes in the Local Music Database

The Reader Local Music Playlist [] currently features 1160 playable MP3s, including these recently streamed tracks. Dornob, “Zangula”: The Persian avant gardists, extant since 1985, jump right into the deep end of the Enigma pool ...

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