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For many people, the life of a person who loves the outdoors seems foreign. They ask, “Why subjugate yourself to the harshness of the outdoors when life can be so comfortable?” This question is often answered with a smile; there are many aspects of this lifestyle that are difficult to explain because they involve feelings that come from deep inside a person. This is my attempt.

Tradition. First and foremost, I love tradition. My family is steeped in traditions that date back centuries. We have thrived on the frontier, on the battlefield, and in the heart of the wilderness by following these traditions. My grandfather taught me how to shoot a rifle and which water was drinkable in the wilderness. It is partially my responsibility to keep our epic story alive and to add my own tales to my family’s saga.

Adventure. I yearn for the knowledge that is found outside of the four walls of my house. I love to inspire and teach others to live life outside of their normal comfort zones. I have discovered and experienced so much following this concept. It is easy to slip into some mundane routine that you grow to accept. I often get frustrated with myself if I burn up a day walking around a mall looking at “stuff” when I could be outside, away from the congestion, living an experience while fishing, hunting, or exploring.

Food. I prefer to harvest my food from the wild instead of buying it at the supermarket. I am not trying to discredit the farmers or ranchers. My family is full of farmers and ranchers. BUT...most of what you buy in the grocery store does not come from their farms. It comes from large corporate farms that are like any other business and will cut corners to make a profit. I think about this when I hold a package of chicken in the store. I prefer my meat wild and truly organic.

Beauty. One of my earliest memories as a baby is of camping on the beach at Padre Island, Texas. I remember waking up and seeing the inside of the tent. Outside I could hear the waves crashing softly against the sand. I could feel the sunlight’s warmth penetrating the walls of the tent. I could feel the tent inhale and exhale as the sea breeze passed. That memory is so comforting to me even now. I love waking up in a tent and unzipping the door and just peering out at whatever natural beauty lies outside. It can be on the side of a mountain, on the beach, or in a deep wooded valley. All scenery is breathtaking when you take that first look each morning. As I spend more and more time away from civilization I have grown to love how simply awesome life and nature can be in its raw form. Most times, a photograph can do only slight justice to the natural sights that take your breath away.

Family. I love my wife and daughter more than anything on this earth. As a father and husband, they are my major responsibility. I see in the outdoors a platform for education, for wholesome family fun, and for simple memories that can last a lifetime. The outdoors can be dangerous, but you can enjoy everything in a responsible manner. I grew up in the outdoors, and I learned to conquer much of my fears and gained a large amount of confidence because of my experiences. I want my children to experience the outdoors in the fun and remarkable way that I recognize and love.

Simplicity. Life these days is fast-paced, distracting, and complicated. Much of the technology that has been created to add simplicity has distracted many people. I seek out the outdoors because, in its simplicity, I do not feel the need to check my phone every five minutes. I don’t have to hear music blaring, cars driving down the highway, or the general noise. I can just let my batteries recharge and relax in the simplicity of the moment.

This is my challenge to you all: FIND YOUR WILDERNESS!

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Post Title: The Traditional Outdoorsman in the Modern World

Post Date: December 29, 2014

Blog: Harvesting Nature

Author: Justin Townsend | From: Oceanside | Blogging since: 2011

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