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“I’m a fan of subtle home decorating for the holidays,” offered pal Nancy. “Just not into plastic pilgrims and strobe-lit pumpkins. Thanksgiving in our home is pumpkins hollowed out and filled with succulents, tall clear vases filled with acorns or cranberries, pressed fall leaves scattered on tables.”

“What’s the matter with plastic pilgrims?” asked friend Bernice. “I have a set of them [$18.89 for a set of four on Amazon.com] sitting on my kitchen window sill right now, solar-powered pilgrims dancing away in the sunlight.

“And in my front yard, a pink flamingo feeling the Thanksgiving spirit,” she added. “He’s dressed as a pilgrim. When Christmas rolls around, he’ll don a Santa suit [Pink Inc. TurkeyMingo, $19.29 for the three-foot-tall flamingo and outfit on Amazon.com].”

Bernice continued down her cheesy holiday decoration list.

“On my mantel, for the kids, I dress up our pumpkins as turkeys. I have a set of metal turkey feathers, turkey head and legs, and a pilgrim hat. You poke them into your pumpkins to turn them into turkeys dressed as pilgrims [Thanksgiving Turkey Pumpkin poke-in head and legs, $14.50 on Amazon.com].”

“In the front window...”

“Bernice,” Nancy interrupted, “I love you, but I think you and I have different ideas on holiday decorating. Eve, help me out with some new ideas for my Thanksgiving table this year. I’m hosting, and I want classic but fresh,” she winked at Bernice, “and nothing that dances.”

The next few days I spent hunting and later reported my findings to Nancy.

“Anthropologie has a set of three funky bottles,” I said. “One looks like it melted sideways in the sun and one is squished down short. They come in chocolate brown, that old-school medicine-bottle color. They would look fantastic with some orange berry branches coming out of them [Farmacia Bottles at Anthropologie.com, $32].

“They also sell cotton Aviary Napkins; one type comes in a pattern with muted peaches, greens, and golds with birds and trees. Sort of hinting at the harvest and the flock [$12 at Anthropologie.com].

“For your pies, I found a wood-bark pedestal stand made from acacia wood [$29.99 for the 12-inch-diameter stand at Cost Plus World Market],” I added.

“Progress, in South Park, where I would just love to live, by the way, is selling Honeycomb Glass Vases,” I said. “White cylinders with a honeycomb pattern [$29 for the eight-inch vase]...add some fall foliage and they would be a perfect addition to your side buffet. But, really, buy anything in that store.”

“Have any jokesters coming to dinner?” I asked, “because I found a fabric turkey dressed as a pilgrim to cover a bottle of wine [Turkey Bottle Outfit, $6.99 at Cost Plus World Market].”

“Evie, I said classy, remember?” countered Nancy.

“Couldn’t help myself,” I replied. “So, you don’t want the Chicks Salt & Pepper Shakers I found? They are super cute,” I smiled. (Blown-glass shakers with cork stoppers from Pigment in North Park cost $22.)

“Okay, okay, seriously, Pigment is selling 15-inch Chilewich Dahlia Round Placemats [$9.95 each] that look like lace. Brass, black, or orange, which would work well for the Thanksgiving table.

“They’re also selling copper mule mugs [$20 for an 8-ounce mug at Pigment],” I said.

“I won’t be serving mules with the turkey,” laughed Nancy.

“As you wish,” I replied. “For your guests, a little chalkboard to welcome them to the feast. Pier 1 Imports has an Elegant Owl Chalkboard Menu Sign wrapped in silver-colored branches and acorns with an owl perched atop [$29.95 for the 18-inch tall board].

“They also have glass mosaic chargers in autumnal colors,” I suggested. (Amber & Gold Mosaic Chargers run $24.95 for the 13-inch at Pier 1 Imports.)

“At Pottery Barn I found an antique gold-finished bowl in the shape of a leaf,” I continued, “perfect for the salad course.” (Cast Leaf Bowl costs $10.50 for the seven-inch bowl at Pottery Barn.)

“They also carry a similar one in a butter dish,” I added. (Cast Leaf Lidded Butter Dish costs $29.50 for the nine-inch plate with a delicate leaf stem curled as a handle.)

“Thirty bucks for a butter dish!” Bernice exclaimed. “For that kind of money, it should dance.”

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