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Lucky Liu's comes to the Gaslamp

New Chinese restaurant plays with old favorites without trying to make them more than what they are

After a few months of operation, Lucky Liu’s still hasn’t gotten a license to sell alcohol. Either the ABC is trying for restaurant infanticide, or owner Alex Thao and his associates were overly optimistic about ...

Impeachment bragging may bite Goldsmith

Either they had control over Filner or they didn’t

City Attorney Jan Goldsmith took pride, and much credit, for ousting Bob Filner from the mayor's office. After Filner's departure, Goldsmith turned to media outlets and social media sites such as Twitter boasting about the ...

Court to San Diego: hands off Travelocity

Chinese tourists will outnumber nerds

The City of San Diego lost an appeal in the state second appellate district March 5. San Diego and other cities like Anaheim and Santa Monica wanted to slap a transient occupancy tax (hotel tax) ...

Work for the Port or the City? You’re exempt from lobby laws

Ex-San Diego redevelopment chief Jeff Graham strikes gold as influence peddler.

Jeff Graham — who used to run the post-redevelopment Civic San Diego and before that worked for the now-defunct Centre City Development Corporation, both city agencies — has just made a lucrative move to the ...

San Diego Zoo readies pugnacious pachyderms for War Elephant exhibit

"The San Diego Zoo is a city institution," said Zoo Director of Mammalian Armory Walter Tusk. "SeaWorld, on the other hand, is a relative Johnny Come Lately, owned by an out-of-town corporation. So why does ...

Triton drones finish 60,000-feet flights in Palmdale

Cost six times more than Reapers

The initial phase of testing for the billion-dollar Triton unmanned aerial vehicle has concluded, defense contractor Northrop Grumman announced today. While General Atomics and its Predator and Reaper drones receive much of the local spotlight ...

Stay away from PB

CicloSDias event next Sunday already dreaded by some

San Diego’s City Council approved a blockade of 2.5 miles of Garnet Avenue and two miles of Cass Street to take place next Sunday (March 30). A group which calls themselves CicloSDias was granted permission ...

Bamberg, Germany: the "beer city"

Nine breweries and a UNESCO designation make it a Bavarian must-stop.

The nearly four-hour train journey north from Munich whipped us past a landscape of farmland, old Bavarian villages and rolling hills. Our destination: the historic city of Bamberg. We booked a small room at the ...

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