Richard Ruiz and Joshua Ábrego
  • Richard Ruiz and Joshua Ábrego
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Richard Ruiz, a member of the Xolos, Tijuana’s championship soccer team, has been accused of sexual harassment by a young woman.

Joshua Ábrego, a former Xolos team member who was present when the incident allegedly occurred, has been accused of defamation.

Rubí Alejandra Corral Gutiérrez

Rubí Alejandra Corral Gutiérrez

The woman involved, Rubí Alejandra Corral Gutiérrez, made the accusation before a tribunal of the Procuraduría General de Justicia del Estado (PGJE).

The incident allegedly occurred on May 31 at Barezzito, a bar located in a commercial district on Bulevar Aguas Caliente. El Segundo reported that she was in the bar and walked to the side of both players when Ruiz grabbed her around the waist and allegedly pulled her hair, whereupon she slapped him. Later he allegedly assaulted her in the barroom.

“En eso siento como mete sus manos en mis partes intimas. Me llego la mano asi hasta parte intima de en frente, fue toda la mano.’’ (“I felt how he put his hands on my intimate parts. The hand groped until it reached the intimate part in front, the entire hand.”)

“No fue una nalgada,” she added; it wasn’t just a slap on the behind.

According to Corral Gutiérrez, the incident was recorded on the Barezzito security cameras, which she is trying to obtain for corroboration of her story. She said there were numerous witnesses. She tweeted and posted her story on Facebook after the incident. Although she was angry, she was discouraged from telling her story because “These guys are Xolos.”

Corral Gutiérrez summed up her insistence on pursuing the matter in the courts by stating, “Aunque yo tenga lo que tenga, la reputación buena or mala que, o como me vista, no le da derecho a ningún hombre de tocarme. A nadie le da derecho.” (“Although I have what I have, the reputation good or bad, or how people see me, that doesn’t give the right to any man to touch me. To nobody it gives the right.”)

A women’s-rights group, the Instituto Municipal de la Mujer de Tijuana, has offered its support to Corral Gutiérrez.

On June 2, the Xolos issued a statement supporting and defending the two players.

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