Alioto, dancing at the 2010 Southwestern fundraising gala
  • Alioto, dancing at the 2010 Southwestern fundraising gala
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South Bay residents expressed disenchantment with decisions being handed out in judge Ana España’s South Bay courtroom on January 30; then, España reduced former Southwestern College vice-president of business affairs Nicholas Alioto’s felony to a misdemeanor.

Alioto was a powerful player in what district attorney Bonnie Dumanis once described as the biggest corruption case in the history of San Diego County.

Alioto was originally charged with 11 counts, including conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to commit a crime, perjury by declaration, receiving a bribe, wrongful influence, filing a false instrument, and accepting gifts in excess of the legal amount. Ultimately, he pleaded to accepting gifts.

In 2011, the Union-Tribune reported that Alioto went on a Napa wine-and-golf junket “three weeks before [Echo Construction] was awarded a $4 million contract with the college.”

The Napa trip was a prize awarded at the 2010 Southwestern Education Foundation Gala.

Frustration with the January 30 proceedings began early. Southwestern professor Carla Kirkwood pointed out that up until the day before the hearing, the South Bay court calendar scheduled Alioto’s sentencing for 1:30. Not until late Thursday did members of the public learn it was switched to the morning court session.

Kirkwood, who brought initial complaints to the district attorney’s office, expressed the opinion that more of her colleagues would have liked the opportunity to address the court but were unable to switch their calendars on such short notice.

Carla Kirkwood

Carla Kirkwood

Kirkwood stated, “The judge's change of schedule without posted public notice shows no regard for the community that was so damaged by these illegal actions and by those who carried out these acts. España's insistence on expressing her outrage at these acts coupled with her sentencing and scheduling decisions makes the court look both contradictory and hypocritical. How many political agendas have these cases been buried under? Who is seeking justice for our students, our families, our community, and our schools?”

Before sentencing, Kirkwood addressed España and reminded her that previous to being hired by Southwestern, Alioto had a consultancy business in Wisconsin that allegedly had ethical problems.

España, in her pre-sentencing remarks, stated that when Alioto arrived from Wisconsin “the wining and the dining was going quite strong and [Alioto] got swept right into it.”

Alioto’s attorney acknowledged that Alioto “became powerful at the school and that, unfortunately, power does corrupt.” Then, his attorney went on to state that Alioto did wrong by accepting gifts “but in his heart he always tried to do good by that school.”

Another speaker who addressed the court was community advocate Stewart Payne. Payne argued on behalf of South Bay taxpayers who will be paying down a billion-dollar bond debt for the next 40 years. Payne told the judge, “For me, this is a life sentence.” Payne pointed to the dusty corner lot at Southwestern that has absorbed millions of taxpayer dollars yet remains dusty.

Nicholas Alioto

Nicholas Alioto

Nick Marinovich, Sweetwater Proposition O bond-committee chair, asked España, “What message is it that you’re sending today to those who work in a public arena?” Marinovich recommended that Alioto get in line for a “baloney sandwich.”

Community advocate Fran Brinkman told the judge, “This community is disappointed. We were looking forward to our day in court — February 18 has now become April 28.” Brinkman also charged the judge with “inequity” in the sentences she’s handing out.

Kathleen Canney-Lopez, a Southwestern College professor and community resident, sent España a letter that read, in part:

“Lessening the charges to misdemeanors tells thousands of students that what they learn in our ethics classes (required for graduation) is not really true, at least for our former college administrators. We try to teach that short-term personal gain does not pay in the long run. I'm afraid the ‘Pay to Play’ scandal cases have shown the opposite.”

In addition to the misdemeanor charge, 160 days of community service, and a $7944 fine, España suggested that Alioto say, “I’m sorry.”

Alioto said, “I want to accept responsibility for the performance that I was involved in and say that I am truly sorry for anything that my actions resulted in. I believe very strongly to this day that the actions that I took were intended to get the best deals for the college…”

Deputy district attorney Leon Schorr said that although Alioto’s time at Southwestern was short, “it was a crucial period during the [request-for-proposal] selection process.” Schorr pressed for a felony charge.

After the hearing, Kirkwood commented, “The sentence handed out today demonstrates that this pattern of behavior has been sanctioned by the court.”

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anniej Jan. 31, 2014 @ 4:38 p.m.

All of the hard work by community members hoping to clean up our school districts and for what? For Judge Espana to slap him on the wrist and send him on his way.

Was Jusge Espana not listening to Mr. Alioto's statement? Even then he attempted to defend his actions.

We, the community are listening, and what we are hearing is very tragic.

My fellow South Bay folks be mindful of elected officials who have failed us. We, the people, need court personnel whose interests are those of the law. Dozens upon dozens of felonies pleaded down to misdemeanors? Why.... Judges are elected, guess I will not be duplicating that vote ever again!

Where is Judge Judy when you need her? Do you think she would have EVER agreed to such nonsense. I just watched her give a freakin $5 thousand fine for a dashboard and cracked teeth. We are talking MILLIONS of Bond dollars and what does Alioto get?

Court date rescheduled to April after Judge Espana gave ALL attorneys a directive to clear their schedules??????? Who is running the court proceedings, the alleged felons and their attorneys or the Judge?


eastlaker Jan. 31, 2014 @ 4:46 p.m.

Yes, anniej, this does tend to remind one of strings being pulled.

Either that, or Judge Espana has no clue as to the responsibilities of her position. She is supposed to uphold the law, and instead she is assisting in subverting it.

We will not give in to the all-surrounding purchased positions that make it so easy for corruption to thrive in this part of the county. So, if all those political figures holding office are locking arms over the corruption business--seeing as it does look like a family business--we will take note of each and every one of those who fail to uphold the law.

Surely we can find some people who can hold office and avoid rotting out.


oskidoll Jan. 31, 2014 @ 5:38 p.m.

Such a disappointment, again. It seems Judge Espana would rather cut these felons very large breaks rather than actually hold a trial. One wonders if she is afraid of managing a trial? So, according to the judge, the wheeling and dealing was going on already, and Alioto just 'got swept into it' ? One asks, then, who was wielding the broom? She has already let John Wilson, the Sr. Facilities Manger off the hook. Recall that Wilson had been at the college for 30 years. Surely he should have known better after all those years! How about the college prez, Raj Chopra? ....oh,but he is also off the hook thanks to her honor's ruling in his that leaves board member Salcido, who surely should have known better and as the board is ultimately responsible, right? Oh no, the judge has already cut Salcido a very big break too. Seems no one is left with a broom, so one must conclude, according to the judge's logic, that corruption just happens in a vacuum and no one is to be held accountable. Kudos to Dr. Kirkwood and others who came forward to protest these extra-lenient rulings by a judge who is clearly not seeing clearly. I agree that a very, very, sad and dangerous message is being sent to the students of Southwestern College and to the community it serves. Sigh! Double Sigh!!


anniej Jan. 31, 2014 @ 6:08 p.m.

I would like to acknowledge Ms. Carla Kirkwoods efforts. She championed the good fight on behalf of Southwestern s students and taxpayers solely. The 'antagonists' worked as a group and had each other. Words can not express my respect for Ms. Kirkwoods!!!!!!!

Guess this story proves one woman can make a difference!!!!!!!!!


Nickdanny Jan. 31, 2014 @ 7:28 p.m.

"Payne told the judge, “For me, this is a life sentence.” Payne pointed to the dusty corner lot at Southwestern that has absorbed millions of taxpayer dollars yet remains dusty."

Wilson, Alioto and all the rest of them have cost South County Taxpayers millions of dollars in bond payments. Parents voted to support these bonds because we believe in our schools and our local college. We took on the debt to improve the lives of our youth. These people on trial did everything they could to serve themselves at our expense. And this Judge thinks this deserves a slap on the wrist?

So, John Wilson is just a sad sack, who didn't know what he was doing because he claims the HR Office hadn't told him not to lie on his Conflict of Interest Statements. And Alioto is the victim of Southwestern College's institutional culture--What? And this from a woman who claims to feel so deeply about the community, a community she implies corrupted and failed these two crooks? Really Espana!

And people like these community activists who came forward (Payne, Marinovich, Brinkman and Kirkwood) have probably spent a great deal of time these past few years having to watch their backs, because there is no way that this corrupt behavior was "unknown" to others. It is just that the "others" just choose to hang onto these corrupt officials coattails and get what they could for themselves.

All these local judges and electeds do is use these issues to promote their own careers. It makes one pretty angry!

Thank you Susan for also being there for our community!


Visduh Jan. 31, 2014 @ 8:05 p.m.

Why is it that so many of these So County criminals are grossly obese? Does having a crooked mind go with an out-of-control appetite? So this joker is from Wisconsin, or at least his last job was there. His sort of criminality doesn't suggest Wisconsin, but rather New "Joisey", as does his corpulence. When his plea bargain was struck, this outcome was to be expected. Now I can say that "I toldja so", in that he would see no jail time, and a small fine at best. He's now free to ply his trade anywhere in the US where the school board fails to check out his record.

Kirkwood hit it right on the head with the comment about this abuse of trust being "court sanctioned." This judge has told the baddies here and across the state that such conduct is a no-no, but only that, and not a real criminal offense. How sad that we have such a weak-kneed judge sitting on the bench.


erupting Jan. 31, 2014 @ 8:26 p.m.

What recourse is left to us. It's unlikely the sentences will change for the Sweetwater crew. It's hard to believe this judge is a community member. I just don't get it! It appears Pearl will force the judges hand to get the same deal Arlie got. All she has to do is refuse to accept her deal, and Espana will tell the DA to accommodate her. God knows she doesn't want a trial. At the hearing before this her last statement was that she was in hopes that a resolution (deal) could be reached. What does that tell you.


oskidoll Feb. 1, 2014 @ 11:19 a.m.

It tells me that the goal of this court is to not hold any trials. That mulst be way too much work. It tells me that lip service is what counts, and the lips are barely mumbling here. I do not believe Alioto's attorney who said 'in his (Alioto's) heart, he believed he was doing right by the school.' Really???? Alioto was the one who controlled the purse strings and took away funding the school paper needed to print the edition that was scheduled to come out just before the election in November because the paper had already been critical of the administration and was exposing the perfidy. That is not someone who 'in his heart' believed he was doing right. The photo that tops this story of Alioto living large during his reign of terror at Southwestern tells us he was all about living the good life on the taxpayer's dime. Sigh!


eastlaker Feb. 1, 2014 @ 1:21 p.m.

***and more about the Southwestern newspaper. It had been a class, but was somewhat supported by the ads, so that when the issue was cancelled, that affected kids in a class. Then subsequently the newspaper had been published so irregularly that they lost ad revenue, as people were only interested in investing where they could rely on something actually appearing in print.

At one point there was a discussion regarding whether the newspaper should just fold--and this had been an award-winning college newspaper.

It has been about a year since I have heard anything further.

But it is very wrong to say that Alioto believed he was doing right by the school!! He KNEW he was dishonest, and he worked to stifle the knowledge that he and others were dishonest!***


anniej Feb. 1, 2014 @ 7:04 a.m.

Nickdanny - you speak of watching your backs, while I can not speak to any retribution Ms. Kirkwood's has endured I can attest to the fact that this has been a bumpy road for several who attempted to clean up SUHSD - case in point Mr. Payne - being hauled into court over a ridiculous complaint by John McCann claiming he needed a protective order - that cost the taxpayers over 6k (we paid for it) in attorney fees. An accusation against Mr. O'Neill claiming that illegal outdated campaign signs had been taken, again by John McCann. There are others,


anniej Feb. 1, 2014 @ 7:07 a.m.



joepublic Feb. 2, 2014 @ 12:36 p.m.

Bernard Revak:  I thought your suggestion to file a complaint was a good idea so I checked the state's website  "Commission On Judicial Performance" (see link below) and found this:

EXCERPTS IN BRACKETS: [Some examples of judicial misconduct are improper demeanor, failure to disqualify when the law requires, receipt of information about a case outside the presence of one party, abuse of contempt or sanctions, and delay in decision-making.

[What if I Think the Judge's Ruling Was Wrong? An error in a judge's decision or ruling, by itself, is not misconduct. Appeal may be the only remedy for such an error, or there may be no remedy….]

So, maybe a complaint for delay in decision-making would be heard by the commission, however as far as Espana's rulings are concerned, it doesn't seem to apply. What do you think?

Link to website for full text: http://


oskidoll Feb. 2, 2014 @ 1:02 p.m.

I think the public is the losing party. I also think the only grounds for complaint against this judge is that she appears to be gullible, if not lazy, in accepting really lame excuses from those who have been indicted for MULTIPLE criminal acts against the public.

Those lame excuses such as "no one instructed him how to complete a form 700! " That was John Wilson's evaluation by her honor. Really!!! The guy ran multi-million dollar programs, wrote RPP's etc. and managed the Southwestern College property for 30 years, and he can't read??? Or, "Alioto was just 'swept up into existing wheeling and dealing, not to mention the partying ' must have been like a piece of lint. Aiioto was not an underling...he was a Vice President of Fiscal Affairs and Business, and was required to complete the form 700. I suppose he also was struck dumb when he signed on to the Southwestern College payroll. An on and on it goes. Raj Chopra is also 'excused' but he was 'only' the guy in charge of the joint...the college president!

Further, it appears that the presiding judge in the San Diego Superior Court is complicit. Short of picketing the Superior Court and calling judge Danielsen out for shuffling these public corruption cases down to 'little ole gullible judge Espana' on picket signs, I can't think of any remedy that would get anyone's attention.

What does it take for this court to be embarrassed?


anniej Feb. 2, 2014 @ 1:30 p.m.

oskidoll - 'what does t take for this judge to be embarrassed?'

How about being voted OUT of office?

I for one will not forget the name 'Espana'!


oskidoll Feb. 2, 2014 @ 1:37 p.m.

Agreed Anniej! Let's not forget that while judges may have the authority to rule as they may, however stupid their ruling and reasoning may be, but they DO have to stand for election. I have heard Judge Espana will be up for election in 2017. Do not forget the perfidy that she has sanctioned with her really, really, lame rulings in these serious cases of corruption against the public. So glad to hear that the asst DA Shorr objected to the deal.


Nickdanny Feb. 2, 2014 @ 2:02 p.m.

Anniej, I did read about the harassment of the Sweetwater activists, and it was truly an embarrassment to our community. People who sit in seats of power (Board members, administrators who can fire and hire, and employees seeking promotion from those in power etc.) who silence opposition by characterizing those who speak out as "bullies or out of control," and painting themselves (those who really have the power) as "victims," is just absurd. Why do these people work to get elected, and then when pressed to take responsibility for their own actions, whine about how the people are abusing "them?" Just like Alioto and Wilson, "they cannot really be to blame because an HR person didn't tell them not to lie (Wilson), or they were just victims of an environment (Alioto)." I think it must have been a bit harder for the activist who was still working at Southwestern. All the little politics and people who supported or sought to benefit from these corrupt leaders (going all the way back to the Zasueta case with Prop AA) are in the face of this employee all the time; characterizing them and isolating them to protect/benefit themselves. I just hope, even though people have to go through a lot, that the honorable and honest people at those schools will continue to come forward and fight to protect our community against corruption and greed, even if there is a price to pay.


oskidoll Feb. 2, 2014 @ 2:53 p.m.

Many good people who suffered under the tyrannical rule at Southwestern either lived through it (newspaper advisor, for example, but he has tenure) or have come back to the campus after having been literally run out. Many have scars, of course, but you are correct in characterizing the character of Southwestern as being tenacious and committed to the institution and the students.

By the way, in my opinion, Zasueta's casualties were more subtle but he cost the college some talented and dedicated folks who moved on because of him and his toadies. I do not think he was nearly as corrupt as those who have taken the sweet plea deals; he was however, a spendthrift and an ego maniac and obviously not very bright to have gone along with Remer's fantasy explanation for paying the commercial producer with general fund resources.

The community saw thru the perfidy at Southwestern when the accreditors put the college on probation, a very serious move that threatened the college's existence. That single fact got the community's attention enough to clean most of the house (somehow Terri Valladoid escaped although she was complicit in the madness....or at least played ignorant) at the board level at the first available election.

Now, SUHSD perfidy has been at least partially exposed, and the upcoming public hearing to consider trustee election areas; as well as the unification discussion, one hopes will have the same effect to get the larger community engaged and angry enough to take back the district by electing trustworthy new board members. November is 9 month away! Tick tock, tick tock.


anniej Feb. 2, 2014 @ 5:40 p.m.

Nickdanny, oskidoll - and it continues

After the public forum narrated by Senator Hueso regarding potential new legislation on fire alarms Tom Calhoun was interviewed by J.W. August of Channel 10 - during the interview Mr. Calhoun:

  • referred to the community members who spoke during the meetings public comment as 'those people'

  • Calhoun claimed that none of the speakers had children attending SUUHSD schools - a blatant untruth.

  • he then stated that the film showing a building burning was residential, reporter told him twice 'no it was in fact a school'

  • when asked by August why he did not contact fire authorities Calhoun stated he had - when Mr. August continued to challenge the claim, Calhoun finally relented and changed his claim.

You see that is what is wrong with SUHSD under the leadership of Ed Brand and several of the Board members - they HAVE and CONTINUE to bury the truth. Choosing instead 'cheap spin'.

Might I add Mr. Calhoun is also the person handling the PROPOSED new District Office building at a cost of $10 million with improvements that will cost approximately $8 million. Jim Cartmill and John McCann had better be prepared to explain why tours are being taken to view the New digs by District staff, at our expense, using resources we pay for and WITHOUT the purchase being approved. Maybe that is the discrepancy, maybe negotiations have already been done, and we taxpayers are the last to know. Where is Ms. Quinones on this issue? We shall see at the next Board meeting.

I have attended several high school games this week and everyone wants to know why Jim Cartmill:

  • has not lead this Board to meet for a vote regarding the empty Board seat

  • is appearing to allow the new District office deal without Board approval or taxpayer input.

ANSWER: he is marching to the orders of Ed Brand and surely Brand would never sanction a Board meeting that he could not manipulate. Brand is still trying to be a real estate mogul, with our money - remember what L street bought us (potential insolvency)?


comments above are simply my opinion (but I am sure shared by many)


dbdriver Feb. 3, 2014 @ 3:31 p.m.

"Calhoun claimed that none of the speakers had children attending SUHSD schools - a blatant untruth"

What does it matter if the speakers had children attending any of the schools?? If nothing else, these are tax payers who are concerned with their community and schools.

"He then stated that the film showing a building burning was residential, reporter told him twice 'no it was in fact a school'"

Another attempt at misdirection. Yes it was a school. You know, kind of like the one Calhoun is supposed to be responsible for. If he can't recognize a school, then why is he in charge of such facilities?? And how was it relevant to the fact that OUR schools have these problems?

As for the rest of his "interview", complaining that news reporters gave incorrect numbers of alarms not working, he's splitting hairs on saying it was components that failed. Not much consolation there. Over 300 alarms (I would say these are the actual sounding devices) not working? Over 80 of the visual alarms (strobes) not working? Our children were still safe? That's like saying a trapeze artist was safe because he did not fall, when in fact there was no net.


Nickdanny Feb. 2, 2014 @ 5:44 p.m.

I think the problem with the Zasueta case, which I watched quiet closely, is that it sort of laid the groundwork for all that has followed. With Zasueta and Reemer getting off with misdemeanors the precedent was created (even though the criminal actions were of a different character). I also do not think that it was a lack of "brightness," that plagued Zasueta and his ilk (in the same way that it was not a failed HR in Wilson's case or environment, as in Alioto's). It was arrogance, and on Zasuta's part, often cruelty. The first real case of getting rid of a tenure track faculty member at the college was under the leadership of Zasueta. This faculty member was disliked by some of Zasueta's minions, and an adjunct who was liked by the minions wanted the job. So, they worked to discredit him, attack him as often as they could, and even though he eventually won in court the climate supported by Zasueta and his cronies made it impossible for him to return. As I recall from the accounts of several faculty on the campus at the time, the adjunct did take his job once he was gone, and that faculty member is now in fact in management. There are other examples of the college honoring dishonest behavior that really has been problematic. At least two of Alioto's favorites were elevated to management (even though they were not qualified for the posts) and they remain in those positions to this day. As to the idea of corrupt, or more corrupt, in my opinion it really all links together to create an environment and an ethic that leads us to where we are today. As for Ms. Teri V., the employee coalition had a candidate, who dropped out of the race, and they did not get another challenger, from what I was told, until July of 2010 (3-4 months before the election). This college has four open seats in November, I wonder if they have candidates lined up?


LightSaber Feb. 4, 2014 @ 3:53 p.m.

It is my understanding that many others will be sentenced on April 22, Jorge Dominquez SWC Board , Raj Chopra, Yolanda Salcido Board member from Southwestern, At this time from Sweetwater only Arlie Ricasa, Yolanda Hernandez and Manuel Paul from San Ysidro and Gary Cabello the Bond finacier. With this group I would expect standing room only and the cake has probably already been baked for misdeameanors. So goes the biggest corruption case handled by Dumanis office. Maybe her case will be the the biggest handled by the US Attorney.


oskidoll Feb. 4, 2014 @ 5:04 p.m.

I do hope Judge Espana can handle so many perps at once. She should have enough tissues on hand to wipe the tears from her eyes as they recount their sob stories.


anniej Feb. 4, 2014 @ 5:23 p.m.

I am wondering if Judge Espana follows the votes of the SUHSD board?

If there ever was a time to vote wisely - it is certainly NOW! Lessons learned, we shall see.

Brand, the puppeteer, any chance the strings of the board have been cut?


Truther Feb. 4, 2014 @ 10:27 p.m.

All of the above comments remind me of the "Salem Witch Hunt" especially you anniej. Your passionate interpretation on how Judge Espana is handling the SUHSD cases is your personal point of view. You represent yourself and a handful of people, not the entire community. Judge Espana knows what she's doing and has all the facts so please stop criticizing her decisions. Are you a lawyer or a judge? Do you know all the facts? Obviously not, none of us do. You're always complaining - why don't you run for one of the Sweetwater Board seats that are up for election? You would probably help solve all the problems that so much bother you.


erupting Feb. 5, 2014 @ 7:23 a.m.

Truther, did you even bother to read the abbreviated version of the D A's case against these crooks. Take a look before passing judgement on others. Blogs are opinions? I agree anniej should be a board member,honesty would be so refreshing.


Wabbitsd Feb. 5, 2014 @ 10:15 a.m.

That is a GREAT idea, Truther. AnnieJ should run.


JulianAsange Feb. 4, 2014 @ 10:42 p.m.

"Judge Espana knows what she's doing ..." Give me a freakin' break! If I come before judge Espana for breaking the law and I plead ignorance, she'll probably throw the book at me. But these folks get a slap on the wrist. White collar crime rarely gets the same punishment as what's reserved for the rest of us.


anniej Feb. 5, 2014 @ 10:48 a.m.

Truther - just went out and checked, yep I am still living in the US of A - remember the country where freedom of speech is valued and protected.

Please feel free to post your comments regarding all of the Felonies being pleaded down to Misdemeanors.

No lawyer, no judge - just little ol' me.

Do I know all of the facts - no. Did I do some of the hard work to expose the 'alleged' corruption we are plagued with - yes

While you are correct, and I Thank You for thinking so YES I could probably help solve the many problems that plague SUHSD if I were fortunante to be elected - no election campaign for me at this time.

Tell me Truther and what of your efforts to help?


oldchulares Feb. 5, 2014 @ 11:07 a.m.


You seem to have struck a nerve with truther when you asked the the board to think about their votes. Good call maybe the judge is following board members and votes.


oskidoll Feb. 5, 2014 @ 12:11 p.m.

I would hope Truther would understand that our collective sense of outrage has been more than tweaked. The outrage is amplified because these admitted crooks have taken what is not theirs from the public funds that were supposed to go to the public benefit -- our schools and our kids' education.

What is it about crimes against the public that the judge finds so benign? Is it that there is no one identifiable victim and she is unable to consider the concept of the public as victim?

Perhaps she should tour the schools, meet some of the kids, and the students at Southwestern who so want an education, in order to put faces on the victims when she next considers a proper sentence. Perhaps parents should bring their students to the courtroom so Judge Ana can see the faces of those who have been victimized.

Otherwise, it seems she will continue to view the crooks as the victims of circumstance, not as perpetrators of crimes of greed and perfidy against the public and the public trust they were supposed to uphold.


shirleyberan Feb. 5, 2014 @ 1:18 p.m.

Flawed justice system - thank anniej for never kowtow to unfair bias favoring school admin theft on a major scale.


silverlover Feb. 7, 2014 @ 7:08 p.m.

Its clear as water that Judge Ana Espana is not in charge, the criminals she is refusing to prosecute are. A complain to the state for how Ana Espana is handling all the Play to Play cases is long overdue. Maybe she is also playing the game and getting paid to play. Sad to see the more Latino elected officials there are in our government the more it reminds me of how "justice" is handled in Mexico.


Truther Feb. 10, 2014 @ 4:04 p.m.

erupting: Am I the only one passing judgment on others? No, I'm a blogger like everyone else just opining my observations.

anniej: Yes, we live in a beautiful country where freedom of speech is highly valued and protected and also, where "one is innocent until proven guilty". I am not taking any side, all I'm conveying is that there is always different points of view. We can agree to disagree. I respect everyone's honest opinion and always appreciate a healthy, un-biased debate.

Silverlover: Unfortunately, corruption exists in every ethnic group and not just with the Latinos.


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