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December 4 dock totals

8 Anglers aboard the Premier 1/2 Day PM run caught 1 California Sheephead, 8 Barred Sand Bass, 41 Rockfish, 1 Kelp Bass, 1 Pacific Bonito

The Red Rooster III fishing great weather, but a slow bite at Clarion, finished the day with 21 Yellowfin Tuna to 140 pounds

The Excel, fishing the Lower Ridge area, reported a slow, steady pick all day on Yellowfin Tuna to 248 pounds

With this good muck-rinsing rain (finally!) I expect to see some decent trout reports popping up with most of the local lakes stocked. The larger Bass and Cats will be fattening up on those stocked Rainbows as well, so get yours while you can!

As the fishing action was slowed a bit by weather, I decided it was a good time to get an interview with one of our local finned denizens. I couldn't get any official commitments, but a representative of the local finhood of the Catch, Photograph and Release Union, Chuck D Catfish, would like to remind all Anglers to send in your fishing photos to the Waterfront Fishing Photo Contest. He also left this bit of press from the movement:

  • I once caught a fish that looked up at me and said,
  • “Hey, buddy, I’d rather be alive than be dead!
  • So if I wasn’t captured to cook and to eat,
  • there are a few rules to ensure my safe release”
  • It then took the hook gently from its lip,
  • held it out for me to see and very smartly quipped,
  • “That barb is mostly what’s the matter
  • if I wasn’t meant for hot oil and fluffy batter!
  • Please take pliers, and crimp that menacing thing!
  • They’re hard on the gills and they really, really, sting!”
  • It then slid slowly back down into the water
  • and gurgled, “And don’t just toss me, I’m no circus otter!
  • Kindly hold me upright, and cradle me in the current,
  • until I catch my breath because I am truly spent.
  • Then when I’m ready and I’m able, you will know.
  • When I’m steady and I’m stable, just let me go.”
  • The fish swam away then, feeling vindicated,
  • even after having been so easily fooled and baited.

Nowadays, I apply these rules as often as I can so my grandchildren's grandchildren can enjoy being avid fishing fans, and it’s only fair to grant clemency, once given some judicious thought, to give a fish a chance, at least, once it’s been hooked and fought and caught!

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