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PriceSmart brouhaha in Jamaica resolved

Cubans can now shop at membership stores

Cubans working in Jamaica are again free to shop at membership retailer PriceSmart, according to the publication The Gleaner. Earlier this year, PriceSmart suspended accounts of residents and staff of the Cuban embassy on Jamaica. ...

One triggerman, two murderers

McCreary and Withers each claimed the other shot the woman

After a trial that lasted one month, a jury declared both Jeffrey McCreary and Destin Lee Withers guilty of first-degree murder in the shooting death of Mayorama Denise Rodriguez, 20, more than two years ago. ...

Foodie taco, delicious taco, City Taco

North Park taquería opens strong, elicits drool

It's good. Really damn good. Okay, I only earn the right to dole out restaurant reviews by stretching them out to more than a couple of words, so I'll elaborate. North Park's newest taco shop ...

Off-base Marine sex assaults recounted

Pentagon report says more bad news is actually good

The Pentagon is out with its annual "Report on Sexual Assault in the Military," covering the 12 months between October 2012 through September of last year, and numbers have been on the rise. The Defense ...

Never go to Tax Court on Friday the 13th

Turf club owner Reddam loses suit over Cayman Islands tax dodge

John Paul Reddam, one of the owners of the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club, lost an appeal from the U.S. Tax Court on Friday (June 13). According to the Metropolitan News-Enterprise, a Los Angeles publication specializing ...

Tony Gwynn dies at 54

He believed his cancer came from chewing tobacco

San Diego Padres Hall of Fame outfielder Tony Gwynn died today (June 16) of cancer. Since the end of March, Gwynn had been on medical leave as baseball coach at San Diego State, his alma ...

North County’s prince of skate

Middle-schooler bests mentor, scores gold and $30K at X Games

On June 13, when most eighth-graders at Earl Warren Middle School in Solana Beach were sitting at their graduation ceremony thinking about summer and what high school might hold in store for them, student Tom ...

Award-winning QUAFF

Local homebrew club shows well at National Homebrew Competition

Each year, homebrewers across the country kill the flame on their portable burners and journey to the National Homebrewers Conference, where they can confer with fellow domestic fermentation enthusiasts over (many) beers. But there’s more ...

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