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Three Feet Deep

ALS makes for tears just above freezng.

Dina Hurwitz writes about her husband with ALS and the hope that nearly disappears by the end of each day.


Smokey the Bear heads Into the autumn woods With a red can of gasoline And a box of matches. His hat is cocked At a disturbing angle. The moonlight catches the teeth Of his smile. ...

Jacques In Ze Box?

As a kid, I used to joke, “I like French food. Especially Jacques In Ze Box.” Trust me, it had the lunchroom in stitches. But I may have been on to something if a recent ...

Shopping guide for Small Business Saturday

San Diego's best local shopping spots

I worked in retail as a teenager. Holidays were hell — long lines, grouchy customers and insane messes to clean up. I haven’t set foot in a mall on Black Friday, or within the month ...

Water authority draft master plan sees region through 2035

Document would postpone $653 million in spending

The San Diego County Water Authority is out with a draft of a new water facilities master plan and a climate action plan that will tentatively govern water distribution throughout the region through 2035. Based ...

San Diego Puppy sues slew of entities over pet-store ban

Store owner disagrees with ordinance preventing commercial pet sales

In a federal complaint, the owner of San Diego Puppy has attacked a citywide ban on the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits at pet stores. David and Veronica Salinas, the owners of the pet ...

Netherworld of the young adult

Anyway* author Arthur Salm talks about the delights and difficulties of writing for young readers

Arthur Salm spent twenty years as the book critic at the Union-Tribune, interviewing authors and writing about the works they created. To hear him tell it, he would have been perfectly happy spending the rest ...

More Walmart cash arrives for GOP's mayoral campaign

Big money mayor's race rages on behind the scenes

Another big dollop of Walmart money for Republican city councilman Kevin Faulconer and his bid to become San Diego mayor has just arrived in the campaign coffers of the local GOP. As previously reported, during ...

Border Patrol confronted the Viva Villa movement

Incident involved 100 migrants — or a revolutionary brigade?

On Sunday, November 24, a group of over 100 migrants attempted to cross the border, walking toward it via the Tijuana River flood-control channel, coming face-to-face with Border Patrol officers. They group called it part ...

All Things BBQ: Lil' Alex BBQ

A little bit about a new-ish Chula Vista barbecue joint and a lot about why there's no rushing barbecue.

Another entry in the barbecue-without-a-smoker category is Lil’ Alex BBQ (4020 Bonita Road, Chula Vista), a self-described “mesquite wood grill” where the meats get their smokiness from a smoky grill instead of the authentic barbecue ...

Teen girls strong-arm cell phones on trolley

Allegedly assaulted Korean exchange students

Officers with the La Mesa Police Department have released video-surveillance photos of two suspects in a strong-arm robbery on a trolley last month and are asking the public for assistance in identifying the pair. Police ...

The Americans are finished

I’m going to admit that the American bracket, here in The World Cup of Composers, is boring me to tears so let’s just get it over and done with so we can get on to ...

Motorcycle crash in Oceanside

Biker tried passing on the right

At approximately 1:00 p.m. on Monday, November 25, a motorcyclist traveling south on the Coast Highway in Oceanside hit a Toyota Sequoia, slid about ten yards, and ended up under a GMC Sierra parked in ...

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