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Krakow: The “Real” Europe

Street names and more: an analysis of this Old World city's charm.

Krakow is special. Paris is fantastic, but so over-the-top and tourist-oriented that emotional connection is limited. When we arrived in Krakóv, and walked out on the Old Town square (above), my eyes teared up. I ...

Car hits motorcyclist on Sunset Cliffs Boulevard

Hill makes for problem intersection

Driving back from my friend's house on the south side of Ocean Beach on Saturday night, March 23, I came across a police barricade involving seven police cars. They were rerouting traffic as they did ...

More energy-efficiency home funding for Imperial Beach

About 90 homes improved since 2007

Ten homeowners in Imperial Beach will have a chance at energy-efficiency improvements, and six Habitat for Humanity homes will be completed with money from the now-folded redevelopment agencies that the state Department of Finance has ...

Intergalactic Brewing invading Miramar

New nanobrewery set to blast off this spring

When Arizona State collegian Alex Van Horne was discovering craft beer at Tempe’s Four Peaks Brewery, he had no idea of the prevalence of artisanal suds and the companies that produce them back home in ...

Mexico Beach

Escape to a slower pace on Florida's Gulf Goast.

Here’s the thing about Mexico Beach: It’s not in Mexico. It’s on the panhandle 20 minutes south of Panama City and just off the tip of Port St. Joe – a little bit of yesterday ...

A vist to Kael’s Library

“Everyone should be able to read”

On an early morning walk to the bus stop on University Avenue, I happened to notice a green box attached to the fence. In the alleyway on Polk Avenue, between Wilson and 36th, I found ...

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