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100% Depression

I would like to thank the author of the article “100% Commission at Nordstrom,” (March 14 cover story) and also the Reader for publishing it.

Last year, my older brother was hired at Nordstrom. After several months, he transferred to the shoe department, hoping to start making enough money to finally stop struggling financially. My brother is a sales star, with a consistent positive attitude and a general charisma for life. After transferring departments, his new manager treated him with such cruelty that after just two weeks, he was so overwhelmed with anxiety and depression that he was unable to even go into work. I understand that this woman has a track record of extremely harsh and unethical behavior, and that one of her employees even committed suicide over the winter.

My big brother’s bright light has been diminished to a flicker. He is now back at square one, and his experience at Nordstrom has left him with little hope, and some very serious residual emotional turmoil. Something must be done within this corporation. It breaks my heart to see my brother go through this, and also to know that he isn’t the only one.

Thanks again to the author for shedding some light into “one of the best companies to work for.”

Name Withheld
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Untouchable Recyclables

Regarding homeless people pulling recyclables of cans, bottles, and plastic out of the trash bins (Neighborhood News: “Illegal Recycler Found”), wherein a police officer stated that scavengers have siphoned millions of dollars from the waste-management program.

What?! Are you kidding me? Sure, recyclables are not of Mother Earth, but what is wrong with saving them from the demise of a landfill, and from adding to more of the garbage that has already grossly overpopulated the planet with unnecessary trash?

What is really happening is that homeless people are being charged a $350 scavenging fee. If not paid, (which we all know is impossible for them to come up with that kind of money), they are jailed! It costs taxpayers $108 per night to keep them behind bars. Hello! Where is the justice in that? Waste management is double dipping! You are paying to have them come pick up your trash, and they also cash in on your recyclables that you donate to them.

Why not donate your recyclables to the homeless, who need the money the most? This allows them to at least pay for items they so desperately need instead of stealing them. We should not be having any poverty on Earth, and people who are sticking up for corporations are robbing the true citizens of Earth the right to live a life within our Founding Fathers’ U.S. Constitution — the real one, not the fake one today that lists everyone as a corporation through the capitalization of your name on your birth certificate, and every other so-called “legal” document in America, instead of being represented as a living human soul, in which you truly are.

Sapphire Stone
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Location, Location, Location

Truly enjoy the Reader. The restaurant reviews (“Feast!”) often leave out the location/address of the place reviewed. Ed Bedford rocks, and he had a fun “Sexy Papusas” review, yet I have no clue where to find them. Need the location of that farmers’ market! I am not trying to be picky; I just need those papusas.

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