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Title: Becky Charms & Co.

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Post Date: January 25, 2013

The Beekman 1802 Mercantile {UN}Intentional Misleading Information

Let me ask you, how do you feel when people lie to you?

Sometimes people don’t know they’re lying. Sometimes they don’t know they’re hurting anyone in the process. That’s understandable. Once it’s been made known, the decision to make amends and change is up to them.

Here’s a brief recap: In 2010, Planet Green aired the first episode of season one of The Fabulous Beekman Boys. Self-declared “Fabulous,” the show was new, fresh, and whiney. I became an insta-fan. I Tivo’d it, saving all the episodes to watch repeatedly. I never tired of it. I supported Josh and Brent’s mission, their vision, and what they were trying to achieve: to gain awareness for and share the importance of farming, sustainable living, shopping at small businesses, and buying products that were “Made in the USA.”

Fast-forward to the present day...to January 22, 2013. 

While browsing Twitter and checking individual profiles, I noticed a retweet from Beekman1802Boys: “Yay! RT @Kalegal2: Just received my canvas Beekman bag. The quality is outstanding...” [Tweet modified.]

So I replied: “I have the original, made in China!” They replied, “You need to upgrade to American-made.” I replied: “I know...right? And to be sure before placing orders, are all items listed in your shop made in the USA?” They replied, “Everything with the exception [of] mugs. Most everything is made within 20 miles of the farm.”

(I like to buy American-made when I find something I like. However, I buy all kinds of items from all over the world. I have never stated that I ONLY buy American-made.)

I liked their honesty, and in all fairness, I really wanted to know. I asked my question, they answered my question. I thought we were done. I was surprised when I received another tweet from Beekman1802Boys: “Are the sunglasses you are wearing in your profile pic made in USA?” I replied, “Most definitely not. Though @Disneyland never made claim to locally source all of its products. So I knew ahead of time.” I got another tweet, this one from Beekman Boy Dr. Brent: “Then I don’t think you should be on any high-horse, missy. You vote with your pocket book.”

Why were they getting so defensive? Remember, I was just asking a question. It wasn’t even a hard question. Maybe it was difficult to answer publicly when their website states, “...All Beekman 1802 goods are hand-crafted near Sharon Springs, NY, using only natural ingredients & quality materials...” All?

Again, I thought we were done with this nonsense...NOPE! I understand that when someone calls you out, you get defensive. You get personal. My questions had to do with business; Dr. Brent’s next tweet went personal when it quoted from my website. “@beckycharms hmmm...‘Perspective, perseverance, sparkle, & charm’ not seeing any of those #falseadvertising.”

Now now, Dr. Brent; I like that you took the time to quote me. But, it’s not okay to trick your shoppers. Tell them the truth. They’ll admire you more for it. I know I would. “All Beekman 1802 goods...” Well, all but my Original Beekman 1802 Canvas Tote. All except for the mugs. And my $28 Limited Edition Beekman 1802 Polka Spot T-Shirt that my mom bought me for my 30th Birthday. “Made in Nicaragua.”

The issue: Our family shopped online from the Beekman 1802 Mercantile under the impression that ALL items came from Sharon Springs, NY. We felt we were supporting the Beekman Boys and felt a part of their mission: to support local farms and their communities. We felt duped when we discovered two of our items didn’t even come from the USA.

The solution: Change the wording on the home page of the Mercantile and for the Limited Edition Polka Spot T-shirt. Stop claiming “ALL.” An apology is also in order, for the omission of the truth regarding the origin of our canvas tote and Polka Spot T-shirt, and for the personal attacks via Twitter.

What you profess, we support. It’s just time to align what you do with what you say.

[Post edited for length and content]

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