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A student attending a private prep school in Ensenada was murdered — reportedly shot at least ten times — on the afternoon of January 24.

The recent arrival from Durango, Mexico, was reportedly lured from his family’s house by a quartet of youthful assassins who were in a blue Kia automobile bearing California license plates.

A witness reported that the shooting occurred at around 1 o’clock, after the victim had gone outside to talk with the group of youths, who had followed him to his house from school. The witness reported that the youths had called to him by name.

As soon as the victim entered the street, one of the four suspects in the car began firing a .9 mm automatic pistol from about nine feet away. The first shot was to the victim's head.

The victim fell into the street between a couple of parked cars, dying despite efforts by paramedics who tended to his extensive injuries.The group escaped in the car, speeding toward the center of Ensenada. The vehicle was later found abandoned on Calle Guadalupe, near Teatro Universitario and the Caliente casino. A subsequent report stated that two of the suspects were captured by Ensenada police.

Police investigators picked up 22 shell casings from the street. Since the investigation began, it's been learned that the victim’s father was also a victim of assassination in Durango.

Sources: La Segunda (El Mexicano), Ensenada Hoy

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Javajoe25 Jan. 28, 2013 @ 8:26 p.m.

Sad in so many ways. These Mexican kids want to be just like the Americans.


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