Brendan B takes Santa on his knee and asks for his cherished California burrito.
  • Brendan B takes Santa on his knee and asks for his cherished California burrito.
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For centuries, naughty and nice kids have cobbled together wish lists of their most desired gifts from Santa Claus. The Reader asked San Diego area musicians — the biggest kids of all — what was on their lists.

The more traditional desires included David Martin’s (Weight of the Sun) wish for a Mojave Audio MA-200 microphone and Black Hondo guitarist Jason Noble’s request for “some hot pickups for my sea-foam-green Cort Stratocaster knock-off.”

Not so traditional Ian Trumbull (El Monte Slim) will be checking his stocking Christmas morning for “the entire Hee-Haw collection on DVD,” and local rapper Brendan B hopes to receive “a California burrito from Nico’s in Ocean Beach” and “a $3.25 mini-pitcher of PBR from Open Bar.”

Chi Club members Roland Gabriel and Rain Rainman requested “a new Sector 9 long board” and “a Harley Davidson and a tractor,” respectively. Their bandmate Dave Lowenstein is getting a little trickier with St. Nick’s head. “I hope to not be nominated for a San Diego Music award...reverse psychology at its finest,” Lowenstein said.

Another self-gratifying request is Pete Bayard’s (Super Buffet) hope to be granted “more brilliant ideas for Super Buffet material” and “for more people to witness the fulfillment of brilliant Super Buffet ideas.”

Along with a Home Depot gift certificate, “So I can repair all my junk instruments,” Alfred Howard (the Midnight Pine, Heavy Guilt) also hopes Santa will allow “Dave Grohl to put out music that I enjoy. He seems like a good dude and I wanna get behind him (please refrain from adding innuendo to the previous statement), but I just hate everything since that first Foo Fighters record.”

Mark Wiskowski (Dirty Sirens) would like a four-week Tahitian vacation so that he can “unplug from the digital world.”

Along with selling a boatload of his visual artwork, drummer Neal Bociek (Polish Mexicans) also hopes for “five or six Italian cypress trees in my landscape to block the view of my neighbor’s house.”

Aaron Poehler, who plays in a rock duo with his buddy Ryan Tully-Doyle, asked Santa for what everyone seems to be asking Santa for this year: “That all bands with fashion beards, wacky mustaches, and old-timey outfits would wake up, realize it’s the contemporary version of ’80s hair-metal spandex, teased hair, and lipstick, then disband and kill themselves in shame. Also a pony.”

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