At the December 5 planning-board meeting
  • At the December 5 planning-board meeting
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On December 5 the Ocean Beach Planning Board voted 8-1 in favor of allowing the proposed new CVS Pharmacy to sell liquor; it will be an ABC license Type 21 with certain limitations that relate to a “community benefits” package proposed at an earlier meeting by Gretchen Kinney Newsom, the president of the OB Town Council who now favors CVS moving into the old Apple Tree Market at 4949 Santa Monica Avenue.

These limitations include not selling any single bottles smaller than 750 ml and no high-malt-liquor beverages, which CVS project manager Tom Wilhelm said is favored by transients.

CVS said they are planning to sign a lease soon. However, a source says that CVS has already signed a 25-year lease with eight 5-year options to renew. The source also claimed that the rent is over $35,000 a month.

Wilhelm stated that they will keep half the parking lot open to the public for community parking, which is fairly limited. He said it would take about three to four months to get permits for everything, so he had no idea when they would break ground.

Wilhelm also said that between 25 and 40 employees will be hired, and they'll receive healthcare benefits for working only a 24-hour workweek.

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Visduh Dec. 7, 2013 @ 10:04 p.m.

This use of the term "transient" is so amusing. We don't want to call a street bum a street bum, so the euphemism of transient is used. Too bad that most of them aren't passing through (which would actually make them transient) but live in the 'hood. Ah, gee.

CVS seems to be making a lot of concessions to get that store approved. It almost sounds as though CVS volunteered these limits on alcoholic beverages it will stock. However, they aren't really all that big a deal, and CVS would probably rather not have the bums hanging around the place buying and consuming their Colt 45 and Mickey's. But that limit on bottle size won't stop them from selling "wino wines" like Thunderbird (do they still make that stuff?) and some other street-oriented wines. The usual size bottle is 750 ml. And nothing mentioned here says they won't sell beer in quart bottles. No really major concessions were made by CVS. Just a couple symbolic limitations.


monaghan Dec. 8, 2013 @ 10:37 a.m.

Well, Vusduh, "transient" is a better euphemism than hippy-dippy Eugene, Oregon's fave--"unhoused people." How terrible would it be for CVS --recently nationally investigated for charging the feds for written-but-unfilled prescriptions -- to open a store that didn't sell spirits of any kind in any amount? Call it a concession to OB community problems and concerns. Add that to CVS' generously providing parking spots in its lot and you'd make a lot of friends in the neighborhood.


Visduh Dec. 8, 2013 @ 8:29 p.m.

The CVS response would probably be that they have determined that their customers want to purchase beverages of all kinds, and that to fail to offer some of them would be anti-consumer. Yes, if they opened a store that didn't offer booze, that would be a real concession, but they would likely lose a big chunk of their profits and not be able to keep the store open for its other customers. CVS like all the other drug chains are opening stores here, there, and everywhere, and many don't seem to do enough business to justify having them. It is all about the growing federal intrusion into health care, and prescription drugs, and Medicare Part D. The closest store will get the pharmacy business, and it is profitable. So, could CVS actually be successful in OB without the booze? I can't say, but that is not something they're willing to do when they aren't forced to do it.

Yes, the parking concessions may be of greater import than the booze limitations, and could really get them some friends.


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