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I overheard a conversation at the gym recently. The conversation was about Monday being national leg day. Before long the conversation took a dark turn toward Monday being national chest day.

Is Monday national leg day or national chest day at the gym? I didn’t know there were any national days of anything at the gym so I started to look for clues.

I must admit I didn’t realize this was an issue but after perusing some comment strings online it became obvious that this is a delicate subject with strong opinions being expressed.

It would seem that the issue comes down to guys always lifting chest on Monday and never glancing at the squat rack for their entire life. Men who go to the gym will not skip chest day--ever.

I’m not sure if this is a discussion or just a veiled accusation. From the intense research I’ve done it sounds as though the claim that Monday is national chest day is a sarcastic comment from those pious gym dwellers who lift legs on Mondays.

There is an overriding sentiment that if you go to the gym consistently but don't lift legs then you're not serious. I’d have to say that is true.

The flipside of this discussion is women who live on the inner thigh machine but wouldn’t touch a dumbbell to save their lives.

The third side of this would be those who lift weights like maniacs but never concern themselves with cardio.

We all tend to play toward our strengths.

The real conversation here is about turning our weak areas into strong areas. If we want to be well shaped and healthy then we will also want to lift weights, do plyometrics, cardio, and eat right. If any of those areas is weak it is a pretty easy fix, we just give it the same attention and energy that we give to our strong areas. Duh.

Easy to say but harder to do.

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