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Jean Kasem fights to keep ailing Casey's kids from seeing their dad

Casey Kasem, the voice of Scooby Doo, suck-up extraordinaire on The Jerry Lewis Telethon, and the one man who can count backwards better than all others has been absent from the limelight for some time ...

Hate pre-show commercials? Eat popcorn and forget!

Commercials generally don't offer viewers much to chew on. Next time you're confronted with 10 minutes of pre-show advertisements, try munching on popcorn as a means of counteracting the effects of subliminal seduction. According to ...

What to do in Barrow, Alaska

"Walk around."

"Going all the way to Barrow?" the Alaska Air ticketing agent confirms somewhat incredulously. "Yes." "And just one of you traveling today?" "Yes." "You're fortunate the flight is leaving as scheduled. It's rather cold there ...

Green surprise at the Greyhound

Downtown's shabby corner is reborn - healthy

Trotting down Broadway around nine at night, heading to the brick hotel where the Greyhound Depot used to be, at First Avenue. Used to be a pretty shabby corner, too. But recently I'd seen signs ...

Tribal print is to 2013 what Hypercolor was to 1991

San Diego men put a unique spin on Aztec print

Everyone and their mom is wearing tribal print clothing. It’s on backpacks, sweatshirts, shoes, and leggings. It’s to 2013 what Hypercolor shirts were to 1991. I recently ran into two men wearing the trend. Each ...

Meet Legacy Brewing Company

New Oceanside brewery set to open this week

Most of the beer writing I’ve done regarding the coastal municipality of Oceanside has revolved around the highly anticipated work-in-progress Bagby Beer Co. Its debut is scheduled for next spring, but O-siders won’t have to ...

Velomobile on the Lake Murray running trail

Commuter says he’ll stop using his bicycle as work transportation

A different kind of transportation made its debut at Lake Murray on October 14 at about 2:30 p.m. A long, hot-dog-shaped, bright red car/bike rolled along past joggers and walkers as they stared. As it ...

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