Burned by Bensoussan

Re “The View of the Lake,” (Neighborhood News, November 1).

I regret the time I spent campaigning for Pamela Bensoussan, and for voting for her in 2008. As soon as she was elected she announced wanting to raise the sales tax to 10%. I am barely able to keep up with the payments on my house now. Paying 2.5% more for what I buy just to please her donors with pet projects is an insult to those who thought they were getting a person who cared about the community.

My daughter attends Olympic View Elementary and my son is at Eastlake High. The schools here are at 98% capacity, and Pamela voted to approve the rezoning of the Lake Pointe project for dense apartments to please her donors when she promised us a business district in the master plan. This is a slap in the face to us residents and will certainly lead to traffic congestion, pollution, and a glut of housing when the value of our homes has already tanked.

Ten hours ago I sent off my mail ballot marked for her opponent Larry Breitfelder Navas. Pamela Bensoussan is a mistake that I am not repeating.

Teresita Tejada
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In a September 4, 2012 blog posting by Don Bauder titled “Fellmeth joins UCAN board,” the following clause appears: “$1 million for a China-bashing movie was routed by steel producer Nucor through UCAN in a deal that smacked of tax avoidance or money laundering.”

Nucor attorneys and executives in correspondence with Reader staff insist that the “funding for the Death by China film by Peter Navarro was completely above board. The funding was provided as a grant to UCAN by Nucor Corporation.”

According to Nucor, they “were not in it for tax purposes… Nucor requested Navarro work with a reputable organization to receive the grant so the money was not given personally to Navarro. Navarro wanted UCAN to be the grant recipient because he believed that it was the premier consumer organization in the State and brought consumer credibility to his film. Nucor being a large energy consumer found UCAN’s mission complimentary and agreed to make the grant.  A stated goal of the film, narrated by Martin Sheen, is to help consumers connect the dots between buying illegally subsidized Made in China products and the loss of American jobs and threats to consumer safety…. UCAN released the remaining funds to Navarro in August so he could finish and distribute the film, and the film has now played in more than 20 cities nationwide.”


Missing Romney Link

It’s with great interest that we are reading your article concerning Our Money — I mean Romney. You neglected one link in the family chain, and that would be Park Romney. I suggest you fill in the blank spaces that the article left open.

If you really want to get to the heart of the matter you really need to go to parkromney.com. That’ll assist you and your readers in understanding the full breadth, scope, and reach of the Mormon Church’s reach.

Name Withheld
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Andy Cohen Nov. 7, 2012 @ 3:35 a.m.

This really hurts. When you select someone with an aspiration that the person will do something in favor of you but it goes other way around. I am not saying that it is good or bad. It may be the case that at that time it asks for such hike. But we general human see things which goes good for us.

I have just gone through the points mentioned in http://parkromney.com/. There are some really interesting points there.


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