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Format Him Back

I’m disappointed in the loss of David Elliott. I’m only familiar with him through the Reader, but I did like his opinions and his critiques of films very, very much. He seemed to be a fair man.

I understand he was with the U-T for 20 years. I wasn’t familiar with him in that venue, but my friend was. I’m just sorry to see him go.

I know that it’s usually a matter of space and money. I was just thinking perhaps you could reformat his criticisms and he could take less. I know that might be difficult, but he is a fair man. Perhaps if you reformatted his column you wouldn’t have to dismiss him. If he does finally go, he will be missed.

Vickie Sloan
via voicemail

We Will, We Will Bash You

Re City Lights: “Will Brain Damage Kill Football?” June 14.

I was hopeful when I read that there was a study showing that those who play football (and other violent sports) and military combat personnel suffered from the same type of brain injury, CTE. My hope came from the thought that perhaps people would see that war is too violent an activity for the human body, no less the soul, and that maybe we should consider eliminating these injuries by not sending our young people to fight wars.

But, no; the article discusses the fact that we need better treatment for an incurable disease, a disease which seems to be caused by another incurable disease, that of thinking that we can bash others into submission so that they won’t bother us anymore. This hasn’t worked in the past, so why should it work in the future?

Why don’t we use the money we save on wars to establish schools, medical clinics, and agricultural training for those we wish to support? And for ourselves, for that matter. We could also develop better protective equipment for those who choose to make a small fortune entertaining us by playing games.

Margaret Kuchnia
via email

And He Did

I just got a look at your June 14 Reader and I think that it’s absolutely despicable that you’re carrying ads on your back cover for products made in the apartheid state of Israel.

I don’t think it’s necessary to give yo my name. I’m hanging up.

Name Withheld
via voicemail

How? Why?

I was at the laundry room this morning when I picked up a copy of the Reader. I was horrified, and extremely sad when I read the cover story (“Is That a Woman He’s Beating Up Like That?” June 7). I felt this heaviness in my chest and, without anyone noticing, I began to cry while sitting in my car.

This should never happen, but it does. I just wanted to say I’m sorry this happened to that lady. I also wanted to thank the two people that didn’t mind their business and came to her aid. This is something that happens too often. I just wanted to let some of the ladies know that there is also something called verbal abuse. For instance, how does a Don Juan get away with lying and cheating numerous times in a relationship and get away with it? Do men not have a conscience?

I got my heart crushed into a thousand pieces. He walked off and left me with no phone to receive calls to get to work. After returning to San Diego after receiving a degree, he thought that it might be a good idea to take all my things to his garage at his family’s house. Like an idiot, I said yes. Meanwhile he was cheating on me with my so-called best friend. We split up a day after Father’s Day last year. I forgave him and completely restrained myself from relationships — I’m giving myself time to heal. No, I’m not having a pity party. This story is true. I’m just another woman that trusted the wrong person.

So, ladies, if you’re in a questionable relationship, get out. If you’re being verbally abused, please know that this is also abuse. Lastly, if you’re a victim of any abuse, get out and get counseling because your life is worth everything. God is a healer.

Ms. Sad Lady

Problem Solved

This is in response to the June 7 article on page 20, “Is That a Woman He’s Beating Up Like That?” In my opinion, there’s a correlation between legalized persecution of biblical morality — both Jewish and Judeo-Christian — by liberal forces and problems of crime, mental and social problems, pornography, economics, national security, and lack of moral insight, attitude, and behavior, etcetera.

The crime on page 20 is just one manifestation of our national condition. As a believer, I see the solution for the United State’s problems, and the world’s, in the Old Testament — Jewish and Jewish Christian Bible — of 2 Chronicles, 7:14.

Name Withheld
via voicemail

The Puppet Master

Your article about the unholy four having their vendetta against Carl DeMaio shouldn’t surprise anyone (“Latino Group Critical of DeMaio,” June 7); they are all union puppets. Whenever they are talking you can bet there’s a union puppeteer making their lips move.

Case in point, Barrera giving the two-billion dollar prop money to union-only construction companies. These stooges don’t make a move without union orders, and everything they do is detrimental to the S.D. taxpayers and good for unions. They know where the big bucks come from.

Ronald Engelhart


Re the Dumpling Inn (Feast: “Dumplings, Pot Stickers, and Buns Galore at Dumpling Inn,” June 1).

Elizabeth, although the restaurant doesn’t serve beer you can purchase beer at the adjacent Korean market and bring it back.

Lynette Saffran
via email

Reader 1, U-T 0

On June 12, on the first page of the business section of the New York Times, there’s another article about the Union-Tribune being bought by Manchester to promote his interests downtown. The New York Times goes on to tell about how inferior a paper it is, and the unfortunate firing of Sullivan, who was the only sports writer who could speak and write English.

The one thing that the Union-Tribune offers over the New York Times is that the Union-Tribune has the jumble.

I subscribe to the New York Times. I don’t read the U-T, and I don’t watch local television. The Reader is mentioned in the article very favorably and that’s how I get my local news.

Charles Edmonds
Chula Vista

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