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Jennifer Lyndi Davey, 64, accused of embezzling almost $1.5 million while she worked as an office manager in Solana Beach, was arraigned in the Vista courthouse on February 3.

Davey pleaded not guilty to charges of forgery and grand theft of monies from five different bank accounts of her employer, William Beckman, of Beckman Properties.

Davey was reportedly hired in 2000 and fired in October 2007, when her bookkeeping skills were found to be “not satisfactory,” according to sheriff’s spokesman Sgt. M. Varnau. The sergeant opined that the accused woman might have been busy creating a “counterfeit set of records.”

Davey “had access to Mr. Beckman’s bank accounts, both business and personal, in order to pay bills as part of her job duties,” according to prosecutor Anna Winn. The new office manager discovered “irregularities in the bank records” and a business entity named Professional Advisors Unlimited, which Mr. Beckman “had never heard of,” according to Winn.

Winn said that Davey sometimes wrote large checks to pay off her monthly balance at Neiman Marcus, although her highest salary when employed with Beckman was $60,000 annually. The forged checks ranged in amounts from $2000 to $10,000, according to Winn.

Davey was arrested on February 2 at her current job behind the counter at a CVS pharmacy store in La Jolla, according to Varnau. Davey reportedly asked the arresting officers, “Do you have to handcuff me?” and a deputy responded “Yes.”

The prosecutor said it is not known where the allegedly stolen $1,487,029 amount is now and suggested that the defendant might offer to return those assets in a not-yet-constructed plea deal.

Davey is now in Las Colinas Women’s Detention Facility in lieu of $2 million bail. Her next court appearance is set for February 15.

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SurfPuppy619 Feb. 7, 2012 @ 5:03 p.m.

$2 million in bond is a ridiculous amount and she should appeal that if it is not lowered.


Ponzi Feb. 8, 2012 @ 9:17 a.m.

You have to have a fictitious name statement or articles of incorporation to open a bank account that will accept payments to a DBA (doing business as). Davey filed a fictitious name statement in the office of the San Diego County Recorder on 2/16/2005. PROFESSIONAL ADVISORS UNLIMITED conducted by an individual, file number 2005-005951. It expired on 2/16/2010. Guess she didn’t need the name any more.


Ponzi Feb. 8, 2012 @ 9:19 a.m.

She doesn’t strike me as the “Neiman Marcus” type, she looks more the “Pretty and Plump” type.


SurfPuppy619 Feb. 8, 2012 @ 9:38 a.m.

She's in big trouble any way you slice it......


Ponzi Feb. 8, 2012 @ 10:18 a.m.

You know what I don’t understand about these stories. Why doesn’t the owner discover it sooner? I mean it must be a great business if it can sustain theft losses like that for years without anyone noticing. Keeping books is one thing, but any business that has more than a $200,000 a year cash flow should hire an accountant to review the books as well as an auditor to review the accountants work. It’s like insurance on your business, it’s not a choice. And I hate to say it, but when I read these stories, I don’t feel very sorry for the owners because they wanted to be a cheapskate and skimp on accountancy fees.


SurfPuppy619 Feb. 8, 2012 @ 2:53 p.m.

Excellent points. Penny wise and dollar foolish.


tranny63 Feb. 8, 2012 @ 4:52 p.m.

What a Greedy Scumbag.... Did she think she would't ever get caught...And her daughter ....She be right there with her...Funds were going 2 to bank roll her daughters business... CVS ??? background Check? The red flag is up......Who knows this twisted Sybil could have Ghost checks made payable 2anyone....And working the register , counter, she had all the info on everyone who shopped La Jolla CVS. W/ the all cash on hand she could have a complete Jenny Jones Make-over2boot...Put her in the Hard-Core Prison W/Riverside County Fronteria W/ Betty B. And Bail....she should be on MCC Federal Prison Downtown.


dynamo1943 Feb. 8, 2012 @ 7:20 p.m.

Is this Patricia Gregory's twin? Speaking of the witch, uhhhh, I mean, speaking of which it looks like Patricia Gregory's Cal State Bar Review Department made their decision on her case on Feb.7,2012 in the state bar court dockets. Disbarment anyone? So that's one disbarment + one felony + 2 misdemeanors = one dumb felonious fool. LOL. How do these greedy scumbags think they can steal these amounts of money and get away with it? Just incredible. Prison for both and put them in the same cell.


Visduh Feb. 11, 2012 @ 8:10 a.m.

I like Ponzi marvel that these losses can be so massive. One that was prosecuted a few years back involved a contractor here in north county that lost around a million, and went on for years. Are these businesses so lucrative that a bookkeeper can skim off sums like those and the operations can continue in business? The most recent one was a person accused to siphoning about $3 million from a restaurant/nightclub complex in La Jolla that actually did fold.

In many of these thefts there is a common denominator, and that is that the perp doesn't appear to be smart enough to steal or do anything fraudulent. So nobody gets suspicious, and attributes the financial stress to other causes. Like Ponzi, I'm not terribly sympathetic to folks who can lose that much money and not realize it or detect it for years.


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