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Bullfight protesters in Tijuana used the internet to organize a demonstration on April 22, gathering in the Plaza del Zapato, wearing T-shirts, and holding signs and placards emblazoned with slogans denouncing the notoriously Spanish spectator sport.

“No Mas Sangre Animal” ("No more animal blood"), “Tijuana Antitaurina” ("Tijuana is anti-bullfight"), and “No Mataras” ("Thou shalt not kill…"), with an illustration of a crucifixion were a few of the messages spelled out as the group marched along Paseo de Los Héroes near the Plaza Rio.

The protest was organized by a group called Meta (“México ético trato a los animales,” meaning “Mexico ethical treatment for animals”). An estimated 300 persons attended the demonstration throughout the day. Some protesters who had brought their dogs, cats, and other pets adorned them with artificial cuernos (horns); other demonstraters wore bull masks.

Spokesperson Angélica Martinez was quoted by Tijuana’s daily Frontera as saying, “We are against the maltreatment of animals, let alone calling such acts an art. Art does not kill, it creates.”

The protest was caught on video and will be used in a documentary entitled ¡Toros Si, Toreros No! (“Bulls, Yes, Bullfighters, No!”) Successful political mobilization, as part of an international effort to bring a halt to the practice, has resulted in a ban on bullfighting in some European cities, notably Barcelona and the surrounding Catalonia region, where bullfighting had a long tradition and government support.

A bullfight in Tijuana is scheduled for April 29.

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David Dodd April 24, 2012 @ 4:07 p.m.

Maybe they should protest at every taco stand in Tijuana. Then we can all make a documentary called, "Taqueros Si, Tacos No!" I would rather watch a bullfight than to watch cattle slaughtered. At least they get music and a crowd to cheer them on in the bull ring.


Javajoe25 April 24, 2012 @ 11:23 p.m.

I can understand the objections to the killing of the bulls, but I sure would not want to see other cultures change so they can be more like whitebread America. Sometimes, it is those elements of another culture that people find most objectionable, that makes them unique. I mean, the French eat a lot of frogs; the Germans, rabbits. They probably think we eat too many cows. What do people want? To have us all alike? No thanks.

Besides, I've always thought those trumpets that sound at the beginning of the bullfight are saying, "A man may die here today." And they are not kidding. Everyone thinks the bull is so wounded before the matador comes on, but the fact is that bull can still easily tear that dude to pieces and not even notice.

If people want to do something to save animals, why don't they do something about all the cats living (and dying) in and around the rocks that surround San Diego Harbor? Now there's a bunch of animals that need saving. Don't worry about the bulls in Mexico. They live and die much better than the poor creatures in the slaughter houses in the U.S..


Javajoe25 April 25, 2012 @ 1:05 a.m.

Well, the men chose to fight; I'm sure they didn't chose to die. What do you think the bulls would do if we gave them a choice? Mindy, I have no problem with you going and discussing this with the bulls.

Do you think the bulls might chose not to be raised on a farm and not to be used in bullfighting? Maybe they might chose to do something else...like go live in the forest and be eaten by wolves? No, I don't think they would chose that. Maybe they would like to live in the meadows with other cattle and then they could fight to the death with grizzly bears or other bulls...for the right to mate with the females. They might go for that.

But if we're going to save the bulls, we should also save some other animals too, no? Like the chickens, and the fish; fish are other living things too. Yea, we should stop all this animal killing so everyone could then eat....what? Soybeans? Oh yea, that's the life I want to live. And I'm sure the Mexicans and Spaniards would also like to get in on this.

Yup. I have no problem with that. Absolutely.


bullfights April 25, 2012 @ 12:57 p.m.


yeah thats the way I'd want to live, suuuuuuure. The bull would kill the wolves, before the wolves had any idea. They are bred to kill, once born they charge at anything that invades their area, they are not like cows, who just look at you and then look the other way, the fighting bull will see you and watch your every move, even if they cant see you.

I used to go back to the corrals to take photos of the bulls, and I would remember, looking into a stall from a small open window in the wall, then leave that and go to the next one 50 feet away and the bull would still be staring at me, like he knew where I was all the time.

Bulls are a smart animal and if learned, they're deadly. The foto you posted of the bullfighter, getting a horn in his mouth was ugly, I watched it live, in fact have the video, I called that a fish hook goring. Bullfighters get gored, it happens.

And just so you know, the bullfights will be returning to Barcelona (Catalonia) in 2013, the banning will be revoked this year!!!!!



bullfights April 25, 2012 @ 12:45 p.m.

"An estimated 300 persons attended the demonstration throughout the day."


Why is the majority figure always misconstrued? La Frontera newspaper (in Tijuana) reported that of the 300 confirmed to take part in the protest only 50 showed up, I think you need to get the facts straight!

Link to report in Frontera.info


Javajoe25 April 26, 2012 @ 12:11 a.m.

Ole! So happy to hear the bulls will be returning to Barcelona. I saw them fight there years ago and thought the whole experience was fantastic. Although, that ring seemed a bit small compared to Madrid. That is the largest and grandest bullring in the world, in my opinion.

Yes, very happy to hear the Spaniards are showing the world they have balls; have always had balls; and will always have the balls to be who they are. There are those who would like all cultures to become bland, and neutral, and boring. Thankfully, there are many people who prefer the rich tapestry that is our cultural differences, and the flavors and colors and genius that each culture brings to the world. The idea of forcing others to comply with the homogenization of the world into some kind of One World Order vegan-inspired, gender-neutral fascism, makes me sick. I say Viva La Difference!


nan shartel April 28, 2012 @ 1:31 p.m.

Hemingway was wrong...bull fighting isn't noble or romantic..but it is a Spanish tradition so que sera sera


Javajoe25 April 28, 2012 @ 10 p.m.

You've got that right, Nan. I am always amazed at those who say, "You are not doing things right unless you do them the way we do, or according to the way we believe they should be done." How geocentric, and limited.

There are so many who do not understand that much of what we do, and much of what we believe, is the result of our particular CULTURE. Other people, in other places, do things differently and believe different things. Neither is right or wrong--it is the cultural beliefs of those particular people, who live in a different place, speak a different language and eat different kinds of food. Neither is necessarily better than the other; just different.

Some elements of a culture may shock members of a different culture, but that doesn't mean it is wrong or bad. But some people cannot seem to respect that. Americans are famous for this particular type of ignorance. And some even think because their beliefs are particularly popular with the younger set, they must be correct, because they are the wave of the future. That's generation-centric, and equally wrong. It just never seems to end.


nan shartel April 29, 2012 @ 3:41 p.m.

when i went to a bullfight in my youth JavaJoe my beau told me that the quilted covers on the horses was not for their protection but to hide their blood from the audience i change my Hemingwayesque attitude about bullfighting

when he explained that the picadors lances cut the tendons in the back of the bulls neck so they can't lift their heads when they charge i insisted we leave

i saw my one and only bullfight in Tijuana

but as i said...bullfighting has great importance to Spain and Mexico...i prefer the Portuguese form on horseback with no picadors and no killing of the bull


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