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Minutes after County Supervisor Bill Horn was sworn in as chairperson during the January 4 board of supervisors meeting, he opened the podium to the public. Two residents of Valley Center, located in Horn's district, had some words for the new chairperson.

"Road 3A, the road that Bill Horn promotes so eagerly, the future 'Horn Highway,' will get Bill Horn to the I-15 in milliseconds," said Patsy Fritz.

Fritz is one of several residents of Valley Center up in arms about Horn's support of the Valley Center Sustainable Community, a 400-acre, 1746-home development just west of Valley Center.

It is not just Horn's support of the new development, however, it is also the road that is planned to provide service to the new homes. If approved, according to opponents of the plan, Road 3A will bisect private farms and possibly require homes to be taken through eminent domain.

Last month, county planners included Road 3A in the county's General Plan Update and gave the developer the green light to move forward on environmental studies. Despite complaints from his constituents, Horn has supported the project and the new road.

Because of his support of the project, Valley Center residents believe Horn is siding with the developer. They point to large donations, upwards of $20,000 from developer Randy Goodson to Supervisor Horn, as evidence of Horn's bias. Many, such as Fritz, accuse Horn of promoting the project for his own benefit.

"I'm here to save my home," said Valley Center resident Mark Jackson to Supervisor Horn during public comment. Jackson claimed 3A would run directly through his property.

"You said you ran for Supervisor, and I quote, 'because the county tried to take my land.'

"Are property rights only for developers? Take Road 3A off the map."

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Ken Harrison Jan. 7, 2011 @ 8:39 a.m.

Great story, keep it in the headlines. It is the biggest single example of political corruption in the county.


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