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Every long once in awhile the story of one human being frames a national issue with such fierce honesty that even the hardest-hearted sports fan has to stop and pay attention. This happened Thursday night, ten miles from the Alamo, in a quiet, suburban corner of San Antonio, Texas. A woman was driven to the edge of madness by a gang of teenage hoodlums.

It’s a sports story.

By now, many of you have heard about the appalling encounter. A suburban mother was accosted in the Henry Metzger Middle School parking lot by a gang of 12-year-old girls — known thugs and trained athletes, to boot. The suburban mom, who was at the school to root for her daughter and her daughter’s seventh-grade Henry Metzger Middle School Lady Mustangs volleyball team, was threatened and harangued by the Kirby Middle School seventh-grade lady hooligans as they “celebrated” their unfair, bully victory over the aforementioned Lady Mustangs. The villainous wrongdoers were celebrating their volleyball victory by terrifying a suburban mother to the point where mom was forced to draw her pistol and threaten to kill the entire mob of assassins as they boarded their Kirby school bus.

First reports were, as usual, spot-on accurate. Judson Independent School District spokesman James Keith told the world press, “The Kirby team had just won, and they were in the back parking lot near the gym when the woman approached, pulled a handgun, and threatened to shoot them.” The KENS Channel 5 action news team reported that the woman “got away in a dark-colored maroon vehicle.”

No mention of the chants, the ear-splitting squeals, the vile, filthy, menacing school songs sung at full throat by marauding gang members and targeted to one brave sports fan. First responders were the Judson Independent School District police force.

Yes, yes, you want to know just what is this place called Judson Independent School District, where did it come from, and how did it get its own police force?

Well, Judson Independent School District tells us that JISD evolved out of Rural School District No. 8 back in 1958. The school board “named this new district Judson Rural School District No. 8 in honor of Moses Campbell Judson, a strong advocate for the purification of San Antonio’s water system. . .” JISD is now the fourth biggest school district in Bexar County and if Moses Judson were alive today he would be one proud 149-year-old man.

Be that as it may, the fourth biggest school district in Bexar County needs its own police force. The Judson Independent School District police are State of Texas–commissioned peace officers with full arrest powers on and off campus. It should be noted that State of Texas licensed peace officers must possess a high school diploma or GED.

Now then, back to JISD and paid mouthpiece James Keith, who, at first, said the JISD police had six witnesses and at least two of them knew the woman who so bravely defended herself. Indeed, you could say she defended all of Bexar County. “We believe she was captured on tape, so we hope to be able to identify and arrest her,” Keith said.

What! Arrest her? For what?

The fix was in. By Friday night everyone had time to get their story down. JISD storm-troopers identified the woman as the mother of a Metzger Middle School girls’ volleyball player, claimed she admitted participating in a postgame altercation with members of the Kirby Middle School team but had only waved her finger at the players.

Now, it was mom wagging her finger at the newly described “girls” and not a gun. Now, mom was merely upset over Metzger losing the game and only responded to the Kirby girls’ inappropriate celebration.

JISD enforcers alleged that the woman gave them permission to search her car and house for a gun and that the search was conducted and no gun was found. The make-believe continued with JISD jackboots supposedly calling the girls back in for questioning. Guess what — they found inconsistencies in their stories. Or so they said.

Finally, the Judson Independent School District filed a criminal trespass warning, which is administrative paperwork that bans a certified hero from JISD property for one year. The “girls” are free to go.

Apparently, this seventh-grade mob holds the entire school district in fear of their lives. One wonders when Texans will be able to legally carry guns onto school buses and not just legally carry guns in school parking lots, sidewalks, and driveways. Yes, the woman was legal, parking lot legal, but what would have happened had she stepped onto that bus’s running board?

Think about it.

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acannell Sept. 19, 2010 @ 1:33 p.m.

GENIUS. This is GENIUS. Clearly all we need to do is outlaw guns, and this would be IMPOSSIBLE. Because clearly the moms gun was LEGAL..oh wait it wasn't.. but somehow a law making it illegal would have prevented her from having one.

And of course a law would also prevent all the usual criminals from having THEIR legal weapons...oh wait.

Well at least it would prevent non-criminal people who would not illegal acquire a gun, from having one. PHEW. Now I feel safe.

Think about it.


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