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When the proponents of “the total depravity of mankind” saw that the very existence of Jesus disproved their premise, they decided that “moral depravity” could only be inherited from fathers. This was very convenient since Jesus had no earthly father.

Well, this contrivance created some new problems. It was Eve who sinned first and then enticed Adam to sin, making her responsible not only for her own sin but for Adam’s sin as well. As the more culpable sinner, why is it that Eve did not develop a “sinful nature” and pass it on to her offspring as Adam did?

If this “sinful nature” can only be inherited from the father, then it must be carried by a gene on the Y chromosome. Since the human genome has been mapped, exactly which gene is it that carries the trait of “moral depravity”?

The real problem with this theory is that it directly contradicts Hebrews 4:15, which told us that Jesus was tempted in all things just as we are. Chapter 2 of Hebrews said that Jesus was made just like us in all things and suffered the same temptations that we all face.

Paul told us in Philippians chapter 2 that Jesus gave up His deity while He was in the flesh. He conducted His life as a human in complete obedience to the Father, even to the point of death, as an example that each one of us must try to do the same.

If Jesus had not inherited the same human weaknesses as the rest of us, then He would have been incapable of committing sin, and His sinless life would have been meaningless to us.

It is precisely because Jesus was vulnerable to the same temptations we have that He was able to become our Intercessor before the Father. The fact that He was human, but remained sinless, made Him the perfect sacrifice on our behalf.

You cannot have it both ways. Either Jesus was made just like us with the same weaknesses and temptations, or His sinless life was a charade, making Christianity a sham.

So how do we return to the purity we had as young children? Peter gave us a clue in chapter 2 of Acts. We must get rid of our sins by repenting of them and being baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for their remission.

From this obedient act of faith we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit, we are saved from this perverse age, and we are added to the church by the Lord. A practical illustration of baptism is found in Acts 8:26 through 39, where Philip baptized the Ethiopian (in water).

Jim Crooks

All? Not All

In the September 2 issue, there was a letter entitled “Spanish Tummy and Pollyanna Creep.” Don Bauder’s reply to that, regarding unemployment, the first half of his statement is negated by the last half of his statement because a lot of people just forget to look for work or give up on looking for work, so the word “all” does not apply in that case.

Dale Thompson

Clear Heads For Lemon Grove

We greatly appreciate Dorian Hargrove’s investigative reporting and clarity on the subject of disincorporation (“Big Problem for Little Lemon Grove,” “City Lights,” August 26). Lemon Grove will not now, nor will it ever, disincorporate. Home of the Big Lemon and Big Mural, our community has a distinguished history that began in the mid-19th Century and continues into present time — a period when every city, large and small, in America is under economic siege.

For the record, our sales tax initiative was organized by Ilse Hanning and me. Our month and a half of intensive effort was aided by our wonderful Lemon Grove firefighters. No city council member had any role in organizing or running our effort.

Our purpose was (a) to help put a financial floor under the two major responsibilities of government: public works and public safety; and (b) democratic process: we wanted the measure placed on the November ballot so that Lemon Grove voters could vote yes or no. Unfortunately, the voters were denied that opportunity. La Mesa voters had that opportunity, and they voted to tax themselves a half-cent for 20 years. Keep that in mind next time you’re in the La Mesa Costco. One of our councilmembers, Ms. England, works in La Mesa and does a good job of promoting that community. She praised their sales tax to the skies.

Now we have six candidates running for two seats. We’re keeping an eye on those who have unconditional love for our town and no other ax to grind than its betterment. Chronic grumps who bring zip to the table don’t measure up. Experience in government, business, and philanthropy and a long track record of public service are the standard. It isn’t tough to figure out who that is.

Helen M. Ofield
Save Lemon Grove Now

Sad For The World

I read with horror and disgust Rose Dawn Scott’s article “I Finally Burned My Father” (Feature Story, August 19). I noted it was originally printed January 5, 1995. I can’t help wondering how or where this warrior-survivor woman is today and how she’s doing.

In January 1992, I was getting set up to be a computer victim, heroin addict perhaps, under the innocently named Native Game. It’s 18 years later, and I still cannot have a prayer, thought, or dream of my own. Every birthright and human right raped from me, and also being used to visually violate other innocent children and people. All of you involved in this are on the same level as Ms. Scott’s father. Obviously that doesn’t bother any of you, and how sad that is for the world and everybody in it.

Barbara Jean Forbes
North Park

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Ponzi Sept. 9, 2010 @ 8:50 a.m.

Re: Clear Heads For Lemon Grove

Helen M. Ofield says: “For the record, our sales tax initiative was organized by Ilse Hanning and me. Our month and a half of intensive effort was aided by our wonderful Lemon Grove firefighters. No city council member had any role in organizing or running our effort.”

Not true. And for the record, my relatives were visited by George Gastil who was collecting signatures for this initiative a few months ago. So other city council member were involved in the effort. How can there be any credibility if simple truths can’t be told?


BigJ Sept. 16, 2010 @ 4:46 p.m.

Is there any way at all to end the publishing of this ridiculous theological argument about Calvinism? Who cares? I see these stupid letters arguing about a phony God and think to myself "Wow, here's a great section to line a birdcage with".


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