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This is in response to “Skateworld Rolls Away” (Cover Story, September 2). I’ve been an active participant in the rallies, and I’ve been at some of the meetings of Bayside, and you have completely spelled out exactly what we’ve been trying to get out to the public, that what Donna Frye and Bayside and the board members are doing is just downright wrong. It’s all backhanded. I just want to thank you for putting it out there the way you did in your article. We’re desperately trying to save our rink, and it’s going to be a tragedy if they let it go across the street and become Bayside. We don’t need indoor soccer, as they’ve proposed and already have a tenant for. You can play soccer anywhere in this city outside, but there’s nowhere else to go in this city to congregate for skaters. There’s no other facility for anyone that covers the difference in ages and races and ethnicities in one location, year-round, almost every night and day of the week.

Elizabeth Spillane
San Diego

Skateworld Jump-Start

Regarding Joe Deegan’s article “Skateworld Rolls Away” (Cover Story, September 2). While the photo of Skateworld was backwards and two photos were mislabeled, I felt it to be a fair representation of what is occurring in our community. I was as paranoid as the next guy over why we weren’t aware of the MRW project. Apparently, when developers respond to a City Redevelopment Agency request for proposal, the developers do not divulge their design plans until their proposal is accepted. It’s a competition. Following the formal acceptance, community input is requested in the form of local workshops. It’s kind of cart-before-the-horse to me, but this is the order of things.

Linda Vista needs a catalyst to jump-start itself. There are many positive points about living in this part of the city, and the revitalization potential is undeniable. I agree we may be unsophisticated on when to push city hall, and campaign contributions are probably low, but community leaders volunteer countless hours trying to make a difference. Because Councilmember Frye dislikes redevelopment (“it displaces people”), area leaders continue to sit on their hands, becoming frustrated over a lack of revitalization in an area conducive to infill development.

How can this wonderful community unite? We need to maintain the historical significance of the Skateworld building, be proud of Linda Vista’s contribution to San Diego history, and get the right project in place. Eleanor Roosevelt did not dedicate one of the nation’s first planned shopping centers for nothing. That’s one of our claims to fame! The dedication ceremony took place inside the Skateworld building, an armory at the time. We owe Gary Stang and his parents a debt of gratitude for preserving the building and running an excellent recreational business. They are good people.

It may take a larger developer with a bigger budget to continue the preservation and build a signature piece that provides a new beginning. A good point was made on forming a Linda Vista Project Area Committee. This was addressed at the Linda Vista Planning Group meeting of August 23. It’s unfortunate it wasn’t formed before now. The future developer will need our informed ideas.

Janet Kaye
Linda Vista

Not God’s Victims

I strongly object to the cartoon-commentary of Neal Obermeyer in the September 2 Reader, page 3.

His four-panel cartoon shows God kicking California hard with three problems: (1) “unemployment,” (2) “state and local budget deficits,” (3) “water shortages”…and then the fourth panel with God rearing up to kick the state with (4) “overdue massive earthquake.”

Hey, Neal — and everybody in California — God had nothing to do with numbers one through three (unemployment, deficits, and water shortages). We did all that to ourselves.

As for number four (overdue massive earthquake), maybe it isn’t God but the regular geologic workings of the earth, or maybe the planet is rejecting us for a number of reasons.

Time to take responsibility for our own failures.

God didn’t do it to us.

Chris Bajkiewicz
via email

Slew Of Slammer Stories

I love the article/story on the jail environment (“Back on the Street,” Feature Story, September 2). More people need to learn about what occurs in jails. Food, schedules, activities, relationships, guards, etc. The story was a rerun. Good enough to run twice. Please start a batch of jail stories. People need to know. It will give them knowledge of what occurs, when most people have no idea. It can educate and inform future voters at the polls. Thank you, Michael Jackson, for sharing your stories, and I hope to read more!!

J. Callister
via email

Turn To Psalms 131

Letter-writer John Pertle (Letters, September 2) objected to several biblical passages contradicting Calvinism that I mentioned in a previous letter (August 26).

One reason I have trouble mindlessly accepting anything John Calvin wrote is that he was not able to support his ideas with Christian love, sound reasoning, and biblical authority.

Instead, he dedicated his life to having people who disagreed with him executed, such as Michael Servetus, Jacques Gruet, and many of the “Libertines” in Geneva. He was not very Christ-like.

The problem with citing a particular verse as evidence of a truth is that all other passages relating to that truth are excluded. Usually, there are several passages of Scripture that bear on any given topic, and we should strive to understand each verse as it conforms to every other verse.

For instance, Jesus’ teaching about the innocence of children in Matthew 18 was expanded upon in chapter 19 and can also be found in numerous other passages, such as Psalms 131, I Corinthians 14:20, I Peter 2:2, Mark chapters 9 and 10, Luke chapters 9 and 18, and so on.

The message is clear that we must return to the purity and innocence that we had as young children before we can enter the kingdom of heaven.

To blindly claim that a biblical passage does not really mean what it plainly says is a bit dishonest. If we need “volumes” to explain a single chapter, rather than to just accept what it actually says, then perhaps there is a problem with the explanation.

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Ponzi Sept. 9, 2010 @ 8:50 a.m.

Re: Clear Heads For Lemon Grove

Helen M. Ofield says: “For the record, our sales tax initiative was organized by Ilse Hanning and me. Our month and a half of intensive effort was aided by our wonderful Lemon Grove firefighters. No city council member had any role in organizing or running our effort.”

Not true. And for the record, my relatives were visited by George Gastil who was collecting signatures for this initiative a few months ago. So other city council member were involved in the effort. How can there be any credibility if simple truths can’t be told?


BigJ Sept. 16, 2010 @ 4:46 p.m.

Is there any way at all to end the publishing of this ridiculous theological argument about Calvinism? Who cares? I see these stupid letters arguing about a phony God and think to myself "Wow, here's a great section to line a birdcage with".


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