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Then came the battling letters to the editor, scientist vs. scientist. A plurality of the independent scientists who wrote to the Times seemed to favor the viewpoint of the president’s council: our bodies and bloodstreams have become repositories of potentially toxic chemical ­residues.

The council offered a few recommendations. Top among them: choose organically grown produce, and if not, rinse thoroughly to remove the pesticide and weed-killer residues likely to be clinging to them. Choose natural meats raised without antibiotics, growth hormones, pesticides — and don’t char them or cook them well-done. Get a water filter (here in SD, that seems almost a necessity, given the flavor of our tap water), and store the filtered water in glass, not plastic. Use glass containers and covers, not plastics, when heating foods in the nuker. All this goes double if you’re pregnant, nursing, or have small ­children.

Finally, a bit of sad restaurant gossip. Blanca’s chef, Jason Neroni, has gone back to New York. He loved his unprecedented creative freedom while working at Blanca, he says, but his wife couldn’t find a job here in her field (arts administration), and supporting a family on one salary proved impossible. Blanca’s owners are searching again. I’m just glad I got to eat his exciting cooking while he was ­here. ■

ATE Comfort Cuisine
619-512-ATE1, ­atecomfort.com
DELIVERY AREAS: UTC, University City, Mira Mesa, Carmel Valley.
HOURS: 4:00–10:00 p.m., Monday–Saturday (closed Sunday). Nightly changing menu of a single entrée with appropriate sides.
PRICES: $10 for one generous portion, all-inclusive.

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Summer99 June 11, 2010 @ 2:53 p.m.

Regarding Ate Comfort Cuisine,

I do not know what to think of the name but this chef can really cook! All this week we have been enjoying the “Tribute to Julia Childs”!

This is the best deal in town. ATE Comfort is top-notch cuisine delivered to your door by the chef, hot and ready to eat, all for $10 including delivery, tax, and gratuity.

If you try this service, I know you will find it as useful as we have. For my wife and I, gone are the days of shopping, cooking, and cleaning up the kitchen. For that matter, we rarely need to wash the dishes now.

Chef David at ATE Comfort Cuisine cooks for us just as we would if we had the day off and a team of world-class chefs helping out. Then he delivers this perfect meal to our home Monday through Saturday.

I am even loosing weight now free at last to make better culinary choices!

All the best,


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