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  • J.R. Marino
  • Encinitas

Crush Completes Me

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Boy, was I ever missing the “Crush” column (January 21), but it’s back! My world is complete.

  • Tracy Wallace
  • via email

“Crush” appears once a month — Editor

A Christmas Tree! A Dove!

Regarding the “stringer” story titled “Suspicious Sky Light” (January 21) by Julie Methot, who wrote of her unusual experience. Tuesday, January 19, shortly after nightfall I was looking out my kitchen window toward the clear sky. The stars were shining, and a small aircraft seemed to be headed for Montgomery Field (to the southeast). Toward the northeast was a very bright white light, higher than the aircraft but not as high in the sky as the stars. It was not moving and stayed for a while.

Took a pair of opera glasses outside, started to adjust the closeness, first a vertical green line appeared, more adjustment, and to my amazement a green Christmas tree with some red around the top left. Next used a pair of binoculars, and there was a white dove of peace.

Waited about an hour and, using the binoculars again, the green Christmas tree was back. Using the different power it went from the green line to the tree and with all the power way up saw a white ball with white lines of lights going through it.

I could not think of anyone I knew with a telescope, and I was really feeling silly about this. But I went out about 9:00 p.m., and the light had moved to over my roof just like the moon or sun would move.

  • G.M. Thomas
  • North Clairemont

Ms. Thing

Re “I Never Thought I’d Become a Welfare Queen” (Cover Story, January 7).

This lady made me so mad with her judgmental opinion about everyone and everything. Who gives a rip what her education is when she has no manners or when, apparently, the rest of the people who are there haven’t had the opportunity for the education. Ms. Queen seems to be making the most of letting her degree define her. It is not the area where she can get a good job, but it has only been a year. She is one of those people. What a jerk.

  • Name Withheld
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