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The Sixteenth Avenue sidewalk — between Market Street and Island Avenue in the East Village — is known around the neighborhood as a hangout for the homeless. At night and on most days, they can be seen with bedding spread out on the sidewalk or they’re camped inside tents.

Dorothy Lazenby, a disabled downtown resident, pleaded with the city council on April 13 to help in clearing the area during the day. According to Lazenby, she has had problems navigating the sidewalk when trying to go to her storage facility on the corner of 16th and Market.

“How do you expect to use a wheelchair on the walk when it’s blocked in the daytime?” asked Lazenby. Lazenby says she has difficulty reaching her storage space with blankets all over the sidewalk. “Good old mayor lets them sleep at night; I have no problem with that. When daytime come, they’ve got to be removed.”

Lazenby says that she will keep going before the council until the matter is addressed. “People can’t get access to their storage. I pay high fees, if I didn’t pay high fees down there — I could care less.”

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zookeeper007 Oct. 16, 2010 @ 1:31 a.m.

The term "homeless" implies they have no where left to go. Thats why they are homeless. Sure some are addicts and alcaholics. Some are the very poor mental patients that they government booted to the street with no help to "save" money...but at who's expense. A great deal of homeless are now families, children, babies-yes babies, working poor or jobless.

I know, I was one of them. I too called the sidewalk home. I am not an alcaholic, addict or mental patient. I was a victim of the broken workman's comp system. Where do you go when you have no where TO go? Do you really think anyone WANTS to sleep on a sidewalk? It sucks, its dangerous, it hurts. You fend off the "good" tax paying folks who want you to crawl off and die...as long as you move away from their overpriced condo's. Let alone where to find a bathroom at night. If you don't get some where dry by october you will get sick have sores all over your skin etc... Fending off rats that chew on your flesh, cockroaches that crawl in your ears, harassed by cops...and I do mean harassed.

I paid years and years of taxes too. I owned my own home and paid it off in less than two years I was doing so well. All things change though and those of you who would rather pay a 100 bucks to watch a ballgame than give 5 dollars to charity, or an 8$ blanket to someone freezing in cold weather may end up suprised when you are homeless one day when you never saw it coming. Just like me.

A country is judged by how it treats the populace that is suffering the most...as a nation we are doing horribly poor. Its embaressing and disgusting how the homeless are treated in San Diego.


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