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Dog Narc

Recently came across the article “Stomp Off-Leash Park Romp” (“City Lights,” June 18). There is another unofficial off-leash park not mentioned in your article — Western Hills Park in Bay Park.

A group of people has been going there for years with their dogs. But it is for leashed dogs only and not one of the authorized off-leash parks.

Spike Varicosi
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All The News Fit To Squint

I’m sure like most publishers you need to cut costs on print and paper, but you’ve reduced the size of your fonts to a point where you’ve rendered your content unreadable without a magnifying glass. Please strike a better balance between costs and readability. Thanks.

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Author: RonnieMexico
Neighborhood: Bonita
Blog: Word Freak
Entry: “You Can’t Drink the Early Bird Special”

It’s hard find a good place to drink in Chula Vista. I don’t know what scheme the city planners enacted to kill the night life, but it worked. Finding a nice bar in Chula Vista is harder than finding a golf course in San Ysidro.

There are plenty of places to buy drinks in Chula Vista. Restaurants. Grocery stores. Sushi bars. But there are no true night life spots. Nowhere to stand around with good friends, listen to music, buy a few rounds, and drink a little too much.

Instead, if you want to get a drink after the sun goes down, you may be stuck at Chili’s. Nothing is better than doing a shot next to a kid in a highchair. Margarita Chicken is not a substitute for a margarita. Chili’s is where youth goes to die. Nothing is more fun than telling stories about the night Mary had too many chicken fingers... Read the rest of this blog entry.


Author: LaPlacaRifa48619
Neighborhood: Vista
Blog: Vista Blues
Entry: “At Home At Vista Ranch…”

The part of Vista I call home is a former motel called Vista Ranch. Located on Escondido Avenue, this 1950’s-era motor lodge offers a nice place for a single fellow to come home to. A small laundry, a basketball court surrounded by grass, plenty of parking, and decent rent make Vista Ranch worth having to “hang-a-ueee” on Escondido Avenue to get to.

Escondido Avenue runs from Highway 78 to the south, to Eucalyptus Avenue to the north. Across the street from my place is a Vons Grocery, a Yum-Yum Doughnut Shop, a fabric store, a Trendy Indoor Bazzar, and various other shops. The NCTD Breeze’s 334/335 route services it on weekdays, while the 302 can be caught on South Santa Fe Avenue. The Sprinter can be accessed at the Escondido Avenue station, which is a twelve minute walk uphill for me. ... Read the rest of this blog entry.


Author: skipcarufel
Neighborhood: Mission Valley
Blog: Right Smack Dab in the Middle
Entry: “Neighborly Noises”

Two weeks after I’d moved in, one of my new neighbors, Gris Glums, asked how I liked living here. “Noise bother you yet?”

I said it hadn’t, probably because I was pounding nails for pictures, dropping silverware on kitchen tiles, dragging furniture over hardwood floors. And tuning my piano had taken forever. I was making my own noise.

“It’ll get to you,” Gris assured me. He jerked his thumb toward a small park. “Comes from our good neighbors over there.” I had never heard neighbors pronounced with such disgust.

The neighbors who disgusted Gris were the residents of Casa de Amigos, an apartment building on the other side of the park. Home after work, they released dogs and considerations, grabbed beers and boom boxes, and convened in the park to break up dog fights and take advantage of cell phone reception. Living opposite the park, we heard it all. ... Read the rest of this blog entry.

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David Dodd July 15, 2009 @ 1:20 p.m.

To G.R. Morse:

Regardless of the motive, as an American expatriate living in Mexico, I find it to be a wonderful gesture that the American flags were displayed on July 4th. And May 5th is not a holiday that denotes independence from France.

"Cinco de Mayo" is a celebration in remembering the "Battle of Puebla". On May 5th, 1862, a heavily outnumbered Mexican Army defeated a French Army that was twice their size and much better eqipped - and hadn't been defeated in over fifty years. It was not the end of the French occupation, but merely the beginning of what would lead to the execution of Maximillian some five years later.

Cinco de Mayo is not heavily celebrated in most of Mexico (Puebla excluded), and is used in the United States of America as a reason to sell massive amounts of tequila, corn chips, and guacamole by large corporations for huge profit. Here in Baja, sometimes the school children march in a small parade.


Josh Board July 15, 2009 @ 3:34 p.m.

I enjoyed reading the article on the guy who had his RV towed from Dennys. But I enjoy these letters even more. It's great when people can read a story and realize that one guy ranting and raving isn't always right.

When I blog on here about police, everyone seems to want to attack the officers, instead of rationally trying to figure out the story.

I, like everyone else, has gotten my car towed or parking tickets. Two times, I came upon my car AS it was being ticketed, and I didn't start yelling at the meter maid. I realized I was two minutes off the time the meter ran out, and that's that. They're just doing their job. No need to make it any more difficult.

And even hearing the RV owner tell the story in HIS OWN WORDS, it's hard to be on his side, because he immediately jumped down the security guards throat. And for what? For knocking too loud? Amazing.


Marc Aug. 11, 2009 @ 2:53 p.m.

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