Run our cars on water? Yes! Anyone can build (for 50 bucks, or buy one already built for 90 bucks) a unit that converts water (H2O) into” hydroxy” (HHO) and adds it to your car's fuel mixture, So why isn't everybody doing it? “Hydroxy” has more explosive power, but a higher flashpoint, than gasoline, so it is much safer. There are actually thousands of people using these converters, but pressure from big oil companies crushes these crusaders. But it is not too hard to find online resources, videos, etc., everything from prebuilt units you can buy to videos of installation and use. There is a guy in Spring Valley who builds and sells units. He is also a member of the water4gas affiliate program, which sells construction information for the "standard," most widely used hydrogen conversion units. One of his websites,, is his water4gas affiliate website. His cell phone number is 970-570-0076 and his email address is [email protected], so if you want to double, even quadruple, your gas mileage, check it out. Cars built after 1995 sometimes need a plug-in “computer beater,” as they sometimes wrongly recognize the different fuel mixture as a malfunction.

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ram133 Feb. 2, 2009 @ 11:59 a.m.

Due to the overwhelming response of the Reader article, we plan to put together an event where people can see the hydrogen converters in action, as well as communicate in person with others who are using the hydrogen units now. Input and Ideas for locations, dates, etc are welcome!


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