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"Goodbye,” by the City Limits Band, was the most downloaded MP3 from SDReader.com during the month of January. Follows is an interview with songwriter Les Allen.

This is obviously a “love lost” song. I like “the beauty of everything has changed” line. Is that about a specific event or…?

Allen: “Yes, I find that songs almost write themselves when you draw from personal experience. You can touch a listener on an even deeper level that way.”

“Hello Insane” captures the post-breakup phase well. Was there a time when you thought you might lose it over someone?

“Not lose it, but as close as I care to get. The subject of love obviously is the number-one reason we write. Good and bad. Everyone can relate.”

Do you have to be heartbroken at the time to write a heartbreak song, or can you conjure up the feeling later?

“I don’t. But it definitely helps. If you’re like me, once your heart gets broken you can usually reflect on how bad it felt and how hard it was to overcome even years later.”

Partial lyrics for “Goodbye”:
The sunrise will never look the same
the beauty of everything has changed
across my mind the memory of your face
my empty heart no memory can replace
Oh you’ll never know how much I care
I fell in love it wasn’t hard to do
now I can’t keep my dreams from holding on
they won’t let go the love I feel for you
All this love I guess has been in vain
I’m tired of trying to figure who’s to blame
the answer’s clear but questions still remain
goodbye to you and me hello insane


City Limits Band

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Les Allen Feb. 12, 2009 @ 6:07 a.m.

www.myspace.com/citylimitscountry www.citylimits.bz


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