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Building In An Uproar

I’m calling on behalf of everybody in my building. We are very, very disappointed in the cover of the Reader today (“I Had the Rocket Launcher,” December 17). This violence… Kids see this, teenagers see this — this is the wrong kind of cover on the Reader. It has really upset us, and I told them that I would call to tell you this.

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Friendship, No Demands

Re “Sheep and Goats” (and Cats), December 17, First Presbyterian Church, Third and Date. Excellent article about a great church. I’m in their “other” congregation, which gets a meal Sundays at 2:00 p.m. This church has a great sensitivity to the feelings of the poor, making it a top pick in the reality department. They even cater to us “cats.” Sheep like being herded, goats oppose it, and herded cats will bite you or poop on your bed.

There’s no demand that you become Christian or face the sentence of eternal imprisonment in hell. The leaders run blogs. Good blogs. They care a lot about how well they’re doing. Today (Sunday, December 20), they asked me for an evaluation from outside of Judeo-Christianity. I rate them third among all Christian denominations in public service, behind only the Salvation Army and the United Methodists. Kitty likes. Try this church if you’re very independent. Might make you purr.

  • John Kitchin
  • via email

Cream Just For The Fat Cats

Mr. Bauder exposed the mayor’s and council’s corrupt practice of appointing lobbyists to important committees (“Lobbyists Rule,” “City Lights,” December 17). These appointees have one goal: to enrich themselves and their employers. Of course, the mayor and council will tell you they are devoted to helping the City.

Downtown redevelopment is an example of how the City uses property tax to build stadiums, unneeded hotels, and vacant condominiums, while our police department and fire department have their budgets cut. Redevelopment is supposed to improve the city; instead, it has robbed us of income that should have been used for public safety.

In fact, the city charter says public safety is the council’s first priority. The council ignores this and makes downtown construction its first priority. The rest of the city will subsidize downtown’s need for police and fire protection. The current budget admits that response times for police calls and medical rescue will be slower. How many people will die from these budget cuts? But this doesn’t matter as long as each councilmember keeps redevelopment money in his or her district.

Basically, redevelopment, which was originally supposed to clear slums, has been transformed into a subsidy for developers of hotels and condos.

  • Mel Shapiro
  • via email

Kids Get No Union Benefit

Thank you, Ernie Grimm, for your great cover article “Gompers Takes a Bow,” December 10. It shows unmistakably that the real obstacle to improving our education system is teacher unions. They protect the incompetent, fight local control and innovation, and exist only to feather their own nest. They also use thuggery and the San Diego School Board to force their views on captive parents and children in poor neighborhoods. It is no wonder that minority parents are the ones most aware of the damage done by teacher unions.

  • Bob Spaulding
  • San Diego

Interesting, Unreadable

I thought that “Play the Sneaky Development Game” (“City Lights,” December 3) was interesting with a catchy title but just too hard to read. The article was not organized well. The picture of Ron Roberts was on the wrong page. It was better to have the article than not to have it, but it wasn’t written like one you wanted to read.

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DeconIV Dec. 29, 2009 @ 11:51 a.m.

Building In An Uproar....

Kids see this, teenagers see this — this is the wrong kind of cover on the Reader.

To recap: The reasoning for the harsh criticism of the Reader cover is because of the violence? Had it not had the cheesy quote, the cover could very well have been one of our military personnel in animated form. Time Magazine recently had a cover with Nidal Hasan,(Suspected Fort Hood shooter) on the cover. If your children and teenagers can't differenciate between real life and fantasy, it may very well be a good idea to hide them somewhere where real life will never touch them. Violence is all around us, whether it be on the news, through movies, books, toy action figures, video games, etc. If you're a concerned parent, the idea shouldn't be "You're exposing my child to violence" but to use those tools to explain the differences between fantasy and reality, to show youth what extreme violence can do to people and better, more helpful ways at dealing with it. Playing a video game is vastly different than looking down the sights of an AR-15 and squeezing the trigger at a moving, living, breathing person.

There is never a need for violence, yet it pervails in our society. To turn a blind eye to violence and the fact that it is out there is to denigrate the victims of it.


PistolPete Dec. 29, 2009 @ 4:32 p.m.

Name Withheld is a moron. Plain, simple & to the point. There's no reasoning with morons. It's just....in their nature perhaps?


Duhbya Dec. 30, 2009 @ 9:36 a.m.

Yo, Pete: There were two "Name Withheld"'s listed above. I'm assuming you were referring to the first one.


PistolPete Dec. 30, 2009 @ 10:05 a.m.

You'd be correct Duhbya. I didn't notice the second Name Withheld. My apologies to him/her.


Duhbya Dec. 30, 2009 @ 4:04 p.m.

Luck guess on my part, then......NOT!! (=^_^=)


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