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“Why would anyone pay $55 to see Creedence Clearwater [Revisited] when you can see them for free at the Del Mar Fair?”

That’s what one insider asked about two upcoming shows by the band that wants to be known as CCR.

A music fan asked what might be a better question: “Why would you care about either one?” The heart and soul of Creedence Clearwater Revival, singer-songwriter-guitarist John Fogerty, has nothing to do with this CCR revue and now performs and records under his own name. His brother Tom (fellow CCR cofounder) is dead. That leaves the Creedence bassist and drummer to exploit Creedence Clearwater as long as they tweak the name a bit. Their Creedence salute is playing one show at the Valley View Casino April 24 and another at the Del Mar Fair June 30.

The Valley View show has a $55 ticket charge (before Ticketmaster charges). The Del Mar Fair show is free with admission to some 7500 Del Mar Fair attendees.

Calls to the Valley View Casino and AEG Entertainment, which books Valley View, were not returned.

In other live-music news, the principal organizer of last year’s North by North Park music confab has settled on a new name following complaints by South by Southwest organizers that it was too similar to their annual Austin event.

Organizer Kevin Hellman says the new name will be the North Park Music Thing and that the event this year will expand from one day to three days, August 7–9.

Hellman, publisher of San Diego CityBeat, seemed to be at odds with CityBeat editor Kelly Davis, who suggested in a SD CityBeat blog that the issue was moot since the new name of the event had been changed to North to North Park. Davis blogged that this Reader writer was an “ignorant slut” for not knowing that the name had in fact been changed to North to North Park. Hellman said that Davis did not speak for the event and that the event was in fact run by the nonprofit San Diego Music Foundation and not by SD CityBeat, which is a sponsor of the event.

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supersli April 1, 2009 @ 1:39 p.m.

Seems like an obvious answer to a stupid question -- I would much rather pay $55 to have a reserved seat at a smaller venue than a show where a bunch of free-loading county fair goers and their kids are running amok. I saw CCR play last year at Valley View Casino and it was an awesome show - even without Fogarty - and I will be going again this year. The Valley View venue only holds about 2,000 people max, every seat is great so from a "music fan" point of view, my money is on Valley View Casino.


Jay Allen Sanford April 1, 2009 @ 3:37 p.m.

I agree - ignoring the band's merits (or lack thereof), a show at Valley View is certainly going to be a better concert-going experience than Del Mar's carnival of deep-fried B.O. Going to Del Mar expecting a superb concert is like going to Hooters for a gourmet meal...


Dave3846 April 1, 2009 @ 3:39 p.m.

Have you actually been to the Fair? It's one of the worst places imaginable....terrible parking, lines for everything, hot, expensive and crowded.

Nothing in life is free....except for the dull headache that you inevitably leave the fair with from the giant crowds of people jammed together in a dirt lot.


Josh Board April 1, 2009 @ 3:50 p.m.

The current CCR, for the longest time, had a member of The Cars (Elliot Easton??...someone like that). And a singer that sounded enough like John to make it work.


slammsd April 2, 2009 @ 12:25 a.m.

It needs to be pointed out that the event name "North by North Park" was originally to be changed to "North to North Park" as Kelly Davis correctly pointed out on the CityBeat blog. After consultation with the folks in Austin at SXSW, the board of the San Diego Music Foundation decided to rethink this name, and in early March 2009, we voted to formally change the event name to "North Park Music Thing" instead. The event is scheduled to take place from August 7-9, 2009.

What Ken Leighton fails to mention in any of his stories about this event, is that he was a panelist at NXNP in 2008. He was a part of the story, which is something every journalist should point out to their readers, if/when they write about that specific event. Mr. Leighton might also check his datebook, since his original February 11 Blurt piece did not even correctly note the date of the event, an event that he was in fact a part of. Hey Ken, do you even own a calendar???


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